Samsung 950 Pro M.2 NVME SSD Review (256/512GB) – The NVMe Effect


It wasn’t so long ago that Samsung introduced the XP941 to oem and enterprise needs and didn’t feel it viable to market it as a retail item.  From our perspective there was a definite calling for that SSD but it definitely remained within the ideal of being a very niche item.  Sales would be for a very small market, comparatively speaking, and expected sales are definitely a determining factor as to whether hardware will reach store shelves or not.  Only recently, Samsung followed up with AHCI and NVMe versions of their SM951 M.2 SSD, the SM951 having the very same controller that we see in the 950 Pro.

Samsung 950 Pro NVMe M2 SSDE Both Sides

As we look at market trends today, introducing the 950 Pro M.2 SSD still appears to be for a very niche client, and definitely goes against Samsung’s previous marketing practices, but perhaps they see something we aren’t seeing.  Perhaps their ideal of the 950 Pro is that M.2 and NVMe will be a game changer of which they are front and center to supply that.  One thing is very evident; Samsung can keep prices of the newest most premium technology low because of their newest V-NAND memory which propels capacity skyward while pricing gets lower.  Add to this that Samsung’s V-NAND (at least for the time being) is proprietary to their own use.

Samsung 950 Pro NVMe M2 512GB SSD In System

Our report of the Samsung 950 Pro M.2 SSD today introduces us to the ability to transfer data at amazing speeds (2.5GB/s) with pretty much a 0 footprint, as it takes up very little space.  Remember us saying that it is the size of a stick of gum and under 10 grams?  Add to this the fact that it can get as high as 353,000 IOPS as well.  So…having been in the field for some time and seeing some truly hot SSDs running that same performance, we have to ask… Where is the heat?  This is the beauty of NVMe in that it builds a new engine with fewer parts.  It is the NVMe Effect. Click on the picture to learn more…

Samsung NVMe Effect

Is this SSD worth the jump?  The 950 Pro does not come with a PCIe adapter so getting this SSD is limited to those with newer systems, or those willing to make the build.   It is an amazing SSD that will benefit those in the media space without limit.  It will definitely effect change to occur just a bit faster in the industry.  It will include the higher 1TB capacity before long, comes it at a very low price, has extreme SSD performance with little heat, and also has a 5-year warranty.  How can you go wrong?  Editor’s Choice!

Watch for our RAID report to be published soon enough with 2 and maybe even 3 Samsung NVMe M.2 SSDs!

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Editors Choice-SSD copy Opt

Review Overview

Samsung 950 Pro Build
Throughput Speeds (2.5GB/s)
IOPS (300,000 IOPS)
Warranty (5 Year)
Availability and Pricing

NVMe Speed, IOPS and 5 Year Warranty

The Samsung 950 Pro provides great performance with a 5 year warranty, all the while maintaining a very small footprint. Pricing is good and this SSD is an ideal upgrade for the media professional

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