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Super Talent USB 3.0 SuperCrypt – SSD in Disguise – Benchmarks

The USB 3.0 SuperCrypt flash drive is ready to use right out of the box but for best performance, Super Talent recommends download of their own driver. The user simply downloads and uncompresses the zip file, clicks on ‘Setup’ and then ‘Install’ and the new driver is installed. It gets a bit tricky from this point as we then go into Device Manager …

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BitFenix Survivor Mid-Tower Gaming Case Review – Chassis

Prior to receiving the survivor, we sincerely believed that The SSD Review Test Bench simply would not fit into that case because of the size of the CPU Cooler, Graphics card and array of storage devices. We even e-mailed BitFenix and had to ask, “Are you sure?’ to which the answer was that we would see soon enough. CHASSIS AND INSTALLATION …

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BitFenix Survivor Mid-Tower Gaming Case Review – Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, its entirely believable that the planning of this mid-tower gaming case wasn’t accomplished overnight because its simply the best we have seen yet and by a long shot. We really haven’t even scratched the surface on the smaller things that BetFenix has paid attention to such as a newly patented design called the BetFenix Lockdown …

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Imation M-Class 128GB SSD Review

A few weeks back we received the Imation M-Class 128GB SSD and thought we would take our time putting it through its paces, however, recognized right away that there were some very appealing things about the drive. First off, the package included an upgrade kit in order to ease the users transition to SSDs as simply as possible which we felt …

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Imation M-Class 128GB SSD Review – Performance

SSD MIGRATION The migration of this drive is very simply. Open the external adapter and insert the ssd. Plug in the adapter to the computer for power and data with both cords. Insert the Acronis DVD and follow the instructions. Once it is complete, replace the hard disk with the SSD in the computer and reboot. Thats it! But there is a bonus!!! Many people don’t …

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Imation M-Class 128GB SSD Review – Final Thoughts

In considering all of the aspects of the Imation M-Class 128GB SSD, we have to ask ourselves if we can recommend a drive that doesn’t have TRIM or GC (Garbage Collection) to maintain its performance behind the scenes. We know that, according to tests, the SSD will most likely slow in performance but probably not be observed by the typical user. …

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Crucial C300 64Gb RealSSD Review

Most recently, The SSD Review has completed its build of a new Test Bench which we hope to be future proof, in that, it is capable of testing new SATA3/USB3 hardware releases. Can you imagine our surprise when we started to get requests from hardware manufacturers asking if we would like to run their their SATA3/USB3 hardware through its paces? One …

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