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Viking Modular 25GB SLC SATADIMM SSD Review – BenchMarks

ATTO DISK BENCHMARK VER. 2 The advertised specifications of this SSD are 260MB/s read and write so results of 279MB/s read and 266MB/s write were a welcome way to start our tests.  The method of benchmarking used in this software is that of which most manufacturers base their advertised specifications. CRYSTAL DISKMARK X64 ver 3.0 Crystal did a great job …

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Intel 310 Series 80GB SSD Review – SSD Build and Test Protocol

If anything starts to seem familiar with this solid state drive, thats understandable because it really is an Intel X25m in disguise. The controller is the Intel PC29AS21BAO that has had such success in the X25m and X25v series SSDs and once again the flash is none other than Intel 34nm 29F16B08JAMBA flash modules.  The 80GB version contains 5x16GB flash …

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Intel 310 Series 80GB SSD Review – Benchmark Testing

1.  ATTO Disk Benchmark Ver. 2.46 Test results of 214MB/s read and 87MB/s write have to be applauded when the specs list 200MB/s read and 70MB/s write. Nice start Intel!! 2. Crystal Diskmark x64 ver. 3.0 Crystal DiskMark almost mirrors ATTO in the high sequential scoring and adds to this by showing us great 4k random writes at 44MB/s.  This …

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Intel 310 Series 80GB SSD Review – More Benchmark Testing

5. HDTune Pro Ver. 4.6 “ Benchmark Pushing up the maximum read benchmarks to an average of 256MB/s was a bit unexpected so we retested a few times, each resulting in similar results. HDTune Pro Ver. 4.6 “ File Bench HDTune Pro Ver. 4.6 “ Random Access HDTune Pro Ver. 4.6 “ Extras We like to include the HDTune Pro …

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