MyDigitalSSD Bullet Proof 3 SATA III 512GB SSD Review – A Force Behind SSD Affordability


Moving on to the real-world tests, we see that the Phison S8 chip is more than capable of boosting overall productivity. The file copy results are indication enough as to how quickly you can duplicate and move around your data:

Even for more complex benchmarks, the MyDigitalSSD BP3 512GB had no problems zipping through them, with an average time of four seconds per test:

On an optimized and clean system, load times are of the past:


It is not always that I am throughly and completely satisfied and impressed reviewing a product, but MyDigitalSSD’s 512GB BP3 drive has managed to accomplish both. Admittedly, coming into the review, I had very low expectations, but the raw performance results put my doubts to rest. The real-world values in particular are simply phenomenal, especially considering that this is a non-SandForce, first-time SATA 3.0 attempt in Phison’s S8 chip. Factor in the price and we really have a gem in a market housing a grand variety of options. MyDigitalSSD has not only priced the BP3 aggressively, but also birthed themselves the opportunity to control the $400-$500 price-point.

There are three particular caveats though. Firstly, it would have been great if MyDigitalSSD had included some extra goodies with the BP3. The absence of a drive bracket is telling in that regard. In addition, the IOPS and write speeds are lower than what we are used to seeing from SATA 3.0 drives where the write speeds are now closing in on that 400MB/s second plateau.

All-in-all, I strongly recommend the MyDigitalSSD Bullet Proof 3 512GB SSD. A wallet-friendly, high performance, capacious drive backed by a three year warranty…what more could you ask for?

MyDigitalSSD really delivered on their promise of providing “the sweetest performance for the most reasonable prices translating ultimately to the tremendous value of the BP3, a trend I hope they maintain, and other manufacturers pursue as SSD technology moves forward.

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