Intel 910 400/800GB PCIe SSD Quick Preview – On The Bench and Pushing Out 1.9GB/s Performance


The AS SSD results show that the drive is definitely conditioned for high levels of usage, with insane high QD random speeds. The write latency is also superb coming in at .074. An overall score of 2443 is very solid for a SSD that isn’t even designed for the desktop-like access that AS SSD gives high scores for.


To better present this enterprise SSD in its true light, we turn to Iometer for some cursory tests. Above is an 8GB LBA tested with 128K Sequential Write at QD32, topping out at 1.54 Gb/s write speed.

This test is similar with an 8GB LBA, with 128k Sequential Read at QD128 coming in with 1.94 GB/s read speed.

And for our final test, we present 4 workers giving us 228,750 IOPS in 4k random read with an 8GB LBA and a QD of 64.

Pricing for the Intel SSD 910 Series is $1,929 for the 400GB capacity and $3,859 for 800GB.

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Also, stay tuned for our upcoming Enterprise Test Protocol Review, where we will cover any and all facets of this great new Intel 910 PCIe SSD!


NOTE: The full review is now up, which superseeds this article: Intel 910 PCIe SSD Review “ Amazing Performance Results In Both 400GB and 800GB Configurations The long awaited Intel 910 PCIe SSD is finally in our hands and we thought we might offer a quick glimpse before our full report next week. To add to that glimpse, we thought we might also tease our readers with a few preliminary benchmarks as well. Make no mistake though as this is not a consumer item and is intended for datacenters.  We thought our fellow enthusiasts might enjoy a quick look into…

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