Friday , 18 April 2014
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HGST SSD800MM SAS 12Gbps Enterprise SSD Receives Editor’s Choice Award Through Multi-SSD Analyses

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If you have been following The SSD Review in 2013, you are probably familiar with our coverage of 12Gbps SAS. ¬†Throughout the year we have covered HBAs, RAID Adapters, Enclosures and SSDs. ¬†We have been incredibly busy reviewing new products, but one product in particular has stood out. ¬†In all of our 12Gbps SAS reviews we have sung the praises ... Read More »

Toshiba PX02SS 12Gbps SAS Enterprise SSD Review (400GB) – 156% OP Achieves 1.1GB/s Speeds and Up To 43.8PB Endurance


Toshiba is a world leader in many different technologies and applications. ¬†In the NAND market, for instance, they supply components for some of our favorite SSDs. ¬†But, they haven’t really been known as a major player in turn-key storage products. ¬†While they have an impressive offering of mechanical drives, especially for automotive and industrial uses, they are dwarfed by the ... Read More »

Serial Cables 8-Port 12Gbps SAS Direct Attached JBOD Review – Pushing 8 HGST SSD800MM 12Gbps SAS SSDs to the Limit


When we started receiving 12Gbps SAS products in the summer of 2013, we were met with typical products such as the Adaptec ASR-8885 RAID Adapter, the LSI SAS 9300-8e HBA and the HGST SSD800MM SSD. ¬†Each of these products delivered excellent performance that far outpaced the 6Gbps versions that they were built on. ¬†But, in order to have a full ... Read More »

Kingston SSDNow E50 Enterprise SSD Review (240GB) – Little Brother to the Popular SSDNow E100


Nearly a year ago, we reviewed the Kingston SSDNow E100 200GB and found it to be “exquisite”. ¬†”It could even be one of the finest MLC-based second-gen LSI LSI SandForce drives” we raved. ¬†That’s pretty high praise for an enterprise SSD. ¬†Since that time, a lot has changed in the enterprise market. ¬†As we have discussed in previous reviews, a ... Read More »

Micron P420m 1.4TB PCIe SSD Review – Comparison Testing With 4 x 12Gbps HGST Ultrastar SSDs

MicronP420m_Box Featured

The Micron P420m, announced earlier this summer, is a half-height, half-length (HHHL) PCIe storage device that augments Micron’s PCIe enterprise storage line. The P420m has a lot to live up to. If you remember back to last October, we reviewed the Micron P320h and came away thoroughly impressed. Massive amounts of speed, endurance and parallelism were at our disposal. With ... Read More »

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