Corsair Accelerator Series 60GB Cache SSD Review – Your System Start Up Decreases Significantly


The NVELO Dataplex caching solution found in the Corsair Accelerator Solid State Cache Drive has been available to manufacturers since September 2011 and has been incorporated into SSD solutions by OCZ, Crucial and now Corsair.  It is the only solution that does what it does and does it well.  NVELO Dataplex transforms your hard drive into an SSD by measure of performance.

While other solutions have jumped into SATA 3 solutions with their caching SSDs, Corsair has elected to market theirs as a SATA II SSD for value and, considering that 99% of systems today are still SATA 2, that may not have been a bad decision.

The Corsair Accelerator targets the average computer user who is looking for a PC upgrade while not having the technical expertise to upgrade their system or reformat their hard drive which, at the best of times, can be extremely frustrating.  The Corsair Accelerator is meant for just that person and is as simple as a SSD connection, software download, installation and a reboot.

From the first reboot we saw our start time drop by a minute and twenty seconds and everything we did on the new cached system was significantly faster.  In the end, time is saved, productivity is increased and, if your like me, you have more time to do the things you love doing, which ironically includes working on the computer.  Moving your system to a cached SSD powered solution though just makes it all fun again.

The Corsair Accelerator has earned our Editor’s Choice for it’s performance, it’s value and the simple fact that it has the ability to get us days of our lives back each year!

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