The ADATA XPG SX300 is, without a doubt, one of the top mSATA SSDs we have tested and it’s performance is as much of a positive as the ability to manufacturer a ‘LSI SandForce Driven’ mSATA SSD in typical binary capacities.  For those LSI SandForce lovers, it is like getting an extra 7% capacity for free.  Whether it be ADATA, or the exact same mSATA SSD rebranded as a MyDigitalSSD SMART mSATA SSD, ADATA is the only company that has accomplished this feat thus far.

The three year warranty is standard, however up until now, we have yet to see a mSATA SSD with the five year guarantee, although this is becoming common place with typical form factor SSDs.  I recall speaking with ADATA at Computex and this thought being on the table. As much as companies have considered and not moved forward with this as of yet, we believe that five year warranties are a huge step forward and go a long way to show the confidence a company has in its product.

Last but not least, we have the pricing model which reflects much of the same that we originally saw with the Mushkin Atlas, except we have a rebranded SX300 that also seems to muddy the waters in this case.  Average pricing for a quality mSATA SSD seems to be around $240 for a 256GB and, in the case of the Mushkin Atlas, they had priced their Atlas 240GB at over $300 which seemed to be way off the mark.  In our review, we declined to award the Atlas with the Editors Choice which it rightly deserved and, within a week, Mushkin displayed a new (and very competitive) pricing model.  But that was for a 240GB SSD…

In this case, if it weren’t for the pricing of the MyDigitalSSD SMART 256GB mSATA SSD which is $60 dollars less than the SSD we are reviewing, we might consider awarding this SSD a little more closely.  The problem we have, however, is that pricing for the 64 and 128GB versions is $20 higher than the MyDigitalSSD rebranded drive while the 256GB variation is a whopping $60 more.  Considering both drives are identical SSDs, short of their exterior branding sticker, ADATA needs to consider their pricing model.

If ADATA reconsiders their pricing model to the benefit of the consumer, just as we had done with Mushkin we will award the ADATA XPG SX300 256GB SSD with our Editors Choice as it would then be deserving of such.  This is an amazing SSD with only the pricing standing in its way.

Check Pricing on the ADATA XPG SX300 mSATA SSD at Amazon!

Check pricing on the MyDigitalSSD SMART mSATA SSD at Amazon!


While sitting here at the airport in Seoul, South Korea, a bit of good news just came our way with respect to ADATA SX300 pricing. Without getting into details, we can now confirm that, although Amazon hasn’t followed suit, the pricing of the SX300 at Newegg is $269 and on par with the pricing of the MyDigitalSSD version of this mSATA SSD.  ADATA has also related that, although they have recommended similar for Amazon, the final pricing of Amazon is not within their control whatsoever.

In short, similar to another SSD prior, our review and subsequent advice to the manufacturer has resulted in lower pricing to the benefit of the consumer.  Congrats ADATA and here is your Editors Choice as promised!

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