Adaptec (by PMC) ASR-72405 RAID Controller (X2) Review – 1M IOPS & 12GB/s Thru 24 SMART Optimus SSDs


When we first caught wind of the Adaptec Series 7 RAID adapters late last year, we were itching for the chance to get it in our test bench. But, in order to do the review justice, we needed SSDs. We needed a LOT of SSDs. We needed 24 SSDs.

Unfortunately, sampling even 4 or 8 SSDs at one time is often difficult. That is why we jumped at the chance to test out the Adaptec ASR-72405 with 24 x SMART Optimus 200GB SAS SSDs. Before we get going lets get a quick refresher on the SMART Optimus SAS SSD.

Back in 2012, we reviewed the 400GB version of the SMART Optimus and came away very impressed.


“Performance at steady state is fantastic, and what you see is what you get. If you see the specs on the box, you’re going to get similar performance out of the box and at steady state.”

For an enterprise drive, that is a great compliment. It also makes our jobs a lot easier, especially when looking at RAID adapters. With 500MB/s of sustained reads/writes and up to 100K IOPS, the SMART Optimus allows us to push the ASR-72405 to it’s limits.


As you can probably tell, it was a very happy day when that box arrived in the mail.