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ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T 32GB Tablet Review


The battery of The TF700T has a life of 9.5 hours with the Mobile Dock attached and runs for 14 hours. It’s a downgrade from the TF201T 12 hours with docked 18 hours. As such, the TF201T has a 22Wh battery compared to the TF700T 19.5Wh battery.

If you’re like most, you always have the screen cranked to full with Super IPS+ enabled and watching video streams/movies etc. The Infinity’s battery does go a lot quicker than its predecessor. Not saying you can’t get long life out of it if you use it’s built in power modes; power savings can prolong the life of your tablet for a very long time especially if you turn off GPS and Wi-Fi. Balanced mode seems to be fair, keeping everything in the middle and turning off the screen when not in use – perfect for a long commute or days use. Performance mode does use a lot more juice but testing the TF700T, we can almost get a full seven hours watching 720p videos, so it works a little under advertised.

I just miss having 12 hours; These first world problems are killing me! With the addition of Jelly Bean when the device hits 15% power the Infinity automatically goes to power saving. I actually like this feature as it’s easy to bypass and acts as a wake-up to plug-in. From dead the device takes about two and a half hours to charge fully.

32GB/64GB for $100 more makes a pretty expensive tablet especially if you buy a dock and extended warranty. If you use the keyboard dock there is a SD card slot. A 64GB SD card works perfectly and just to make even more room there is a USB 2.0 slot on the dock as well. We still prefer physical storage on a device that does not offer data. For a little tablet the Infinity probably can take advantage of more physical storage than any other tablet on the market, and of course ASUS offers free 8GB for life cloud storage (not to mention all those lovely cloud services like Dropbox and Box).

The UI is quite simple, smooth, and clean with just a couple of widgets; it’s very customizable. Occasionally while inserting a micro SD card we have also noticed some lag and dropped frames and even a couple of times the Infinity crashed completely. We haven’t noticed an issue since the latest Jelly Bean update, but it has been a reported problem especially with 64GB micro SD cards.

Hopefully the current version of Android has solved the problem. Make sure to properly format your card to minimize problems. It’s a very fast nice experience especially with Jelly Bean with not a single hiccup to report. The Infinity does come with a few ASUS-only apps like Super Note – a really nice simple note-taking app. You can add texts/voices/scribbles/videos/photos in your notes and save them accordingly. We still prefer Evernote, but Super Note does take full advantage of the keyboard.

The Infinity also comes with ASUS@Vibe, a marketplace that sells games/audiobooks/eBooks etc. Honestly it’s not great as you can find a lot of content at different marketplaces like Amazon and Google Play for much less. If I could uninstall it I would have long ago. MyCloud is just another cloud service. They give you 8GB storage for life and there is nothing really different compared to Dropbox or Box. We honestly have no real use for the built-in ASUS apps. There are just so many apps that do the same but better (not to say that you shouldn’t play around with them if you’re a first time user).

HD video mode this is where that beautiful faster Tegra T33 CPU and the improved resolution of the Infinity shine. Playback of full 1080p videos is silky smooth. We haven’t seen a single hiccup yet. The video modes actually have more features than the camera modes (mostly a few fun filters). “Torch mode”, if you are recording video in low light, lets you keep the flash on while recording. Standard flash modes, time-lapse feature, white balance and video quality round-out the last few additions. We are sure as Android is updated more features will follow.

  • renosablast

    Just order the TF300T 32GB for my wife as an Xmas present. I might even let her use it once in a while!

    • Winky

      My like is for the Nexus 10

      I’ll buy it for myself since that’s the only guarantee that I’ll get at least 1 present I like.

      I had the first Asus Transformer and it was a dog.

      • scott Truman

        I did was not worth $499. I returned it for the Infinity. Infinity is worth every penny and then some.

      • Terry Barker

        So how do you like the Infinity? I would really like to know.

      • Terry Barker

        I don’t think you will go wrong at all with that decision really looks like a sweet tablet.

    • Terry Barker

      you will both enjoy her present a lot.

  • PCUser

    I’m buying the Nexus 10

    • ASUS rules – iPad/Nexus sucks

      Bad choice!. Think again. Nexus 10 doesn’t have (micro)SD-card slot, same as iPad. Also no Dock: keyboard, extra battery (15hrs), full USB (mouse, external HardDrive), … Remember ASUS rules!

      • pcuser

        Asus rules nothing!

        They are all about marketing hype.

        Just look at their gaming lineup not having a model with a GTX680M.They’d rather hype quiet than top performance.

        If I want all of that which you mention I’d buy a notebook.

        Yes,micro SD card would be nice but not deal breaker.There’s always the cloud for storage if you need..

        IMO,the Nexus 10 is the best tablet out there for price vs performance.

        Made by Samsung.

      • Terry Barker

        Nexus 10 really looks to be a beautiful tablet I will say the price between both products is roughly the same for a 32GB version.
        one really nice thing about the Nexus is it’s a google product you will always get the new update of Android before anyone. You might wait months (longer) on other devices.
        I like the Infinity more but truthfully haven’t found a Nexus 10 in the wild yet and really want to play around with it.

  • esesdee

    what is the read and write speed of the internal memory.

    • Terry Barker

      good question I will try to find out
      I know transferring large files can take along time while connected via USB. i usually throw media on a microSD first. Then transfer that to internal storage.

  • paytonjr

    Great review! It’s nice to read a review without a clear bias toward another product.

    • Terry Barker

      Thanks a lot much appreciated

  • HDBadBoy_RGV

    Check this out for a youtube review of Asus Infinity.

  • HDBadBoy_RGV