SilenX Effizio EFZ-120HA5 CPU Cooler Review


We will be using the air cooler on a EVGA Classified E760 motherboard with an overclocked i7-920 processor to test the thermal performance of the cooler.

Ease of installation is key to the average user who wants to slap this device on, and get on to other things. SilenX claims that the installation should take roughly 10 minutes, and we easily beat that time.

First, one must attach the fans using small rubber pegs that slide into the grooves on either face of the cooler. This is very simple and took only moments.

Once the fan is in place, it is on to actually connecting the device to the motherboard. The mounting is simple, as the user merely places the long bolts through the baseplate at different points, depending upon the socket. The holes are stamped into the metal itself, so it is very easy to understand. When the bolts are slipped through the backplate, it is merely a matter of sliding it through the motherboard.

Once the baseplate is connected, the user applies the TIM between the CPU and the heatsink, and then lowers the cooler onto the CPU. There are four nuts that are used to connect the bolts through to the top plate that is connected to the cooler itself. The user is instructed to tighten the bolts until the unit is secured, and not able to slide around on the surface of the CPU.

I think the cooler definitely scores some points in the ‘looks’ department, especially with Dominator Red and the EVGA Classified color scheme.