PNY 1TB Pro Elite and Elite X USB 3.0/1 Flash Drive Review – High Capacity and Speed in a Very Small Footprint


The PNY Elite-X Flash SSD is pretty much a tame version of the PNY Pro-Elite. Although it is also of a push-pull design, construction of this flash drive is plastic and the Elite-X comes with a 1-year warranty, rather than the 2-year of the Pro Elite.

Performance of the Elite-X is listed at 200MB/s read and 100MB/s write and this flash drive is available in 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and the 1TB capacity we are testing at prices of $22.99, $44.99, $99.66 and $204 at Amazon.

As with the Pro-Elite, this SSD comes pre-formatted with ex-FAT for maximum compatibility as a plug and play device in Mac and PC systems and we were impressed with our performance test results.

Once again, we see that performance better listed specs in the Elite-X, with speeds of 279MB/s read and 113MB/s write. Something we never mentioned above, and perhaps we should, is that the box may list a total capacity of 1TB (which means there is 1024KB of raw NAND in the device), however, there is only 955GB available to the consumer once formatted.

That is actually much more than we might typically see out of other flash devices, however, we can be confident in the fact that this is necessary in order to guarantee this warranty on such a small device of this capacity.


I think we mentioned at the beginning of the report that we hadn’t reviewed 1TB flash drives previous to this because, typically, they were not available… at least at a price that most could live with. So… over the past few years, NAND flash memory has moved from MLC to 3D TLC and now we are transitioning to QLC, which in very non-technical terms means that we can get a higher capacity in a much smaller package.

The trade-off to this technological advance, of course, is the fact that while higher volumes are now being seen in a smaller package, special considerations have to be made to ensure performance doesn’t suffer (too much) and that endurance is decent. I guess if we were to make a complaint, it might be that we are seeing lifetime warranties on 1TB SDXC cards which are much the same size, yet not on flash drives themselves.

The balance of capacity, performance, warranty and value is very important and the PNY Pro-Elite and Elite-X Flash Drives do a great job of demonstrating what can be accomplished in such a very small package….at a decent price point. There are one or two 1TB competitor flash drives available and their price is significantly higher (in one case more than double) than what we have seen here. Excellent job PNY!

Check out PNY Pro-Elite and Elite-X Flash Drive pricing at Amazon.

PNY Pro Elite and Elite-X 1TB Flash Drive Ratings

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1TB in a Flash Drive!

Both the PNY Pro Elite and Elite-X Flash Drives are of the few available 1TB flash drives available in retail channels today with pricing, performance and warranty...and one other very important feature. The price point of these flash drives is well below anything else we could find.

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1TB device. Which encourages moving a lot of data to and from it. Why didn’t you test that ? Moving large amounts of different-sized files to it ? Because I for one do not care about peak speeds. One interesting thought: they say that sata is dead. At the same time, it seems to be finding new areas of use, as exemplified by the new ironwolf ssd’s and similar products. And this makes sense to me. In an environment where you are and will be limited by something like your network, would you rather have drives with peak speeds of… Read more »