Cooler Master Notepal U Stand Review – Packaging and Contents


Lets take a quick look at the packaging. The front of the U Stand box has the typical solid white and purple colors, indicative of Cooler Masters design. There is also a large shot of the U Stand itself with a notice that it supports up to 17 laptops:

On one side, we have a smaller picture of the U Stand, and on the other we see contact and support information:

At the top, there is a carrying band which is nice because you could potentially package a laptop with the U Stand and use the box as a carrying case:

On the back, there is the design scheme for the U Stand which shows how the air movement works along with the features and specifications that accompany it:

Opening the box, we see the accessories inside. There is manual, a notice, a mini-USB cord, a small box containing two 100mm fans, and the U Stand itself:

The manual has all of the usual information you would expect to find. I found the diagrams and descriptions to be extremely helpful when installing the U Stand as it is the first laptop cooler I have ever used:

The mini-USB cable provided comes in black, and the length of it runs the entire span of the U Stand:

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Page 1: Introduction

Page 2: Features and Specifications

Page 3: Packaging and Contents 

Page 4: Packaging and Contents (Continued)

Page 5: The U Stand

Page 6: Testing Methodology and Results

Page 7: Final Words and Conclusion


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