Cooler Master Notepal U Stand Review- Final Words and Conclusion


Cooler Master really hit the nail with their newest introduction into the Notepal series.

The U Stand adopts much from coolers in the same family, such as the U2 and U3, while brining new improvements to the game.

The U Stand offers a plethora of height options, excellent cooling performance, and a solid base of features.

I love the matte-black aluminum base of the U Stand, and the fact that it always stays cool to the touch. I also like the addition of a USB hub but I wish Cooler Master had gone with USB 3.0 instead of 2.0/1.1, like they did with the Storm series Strike Force SF-19. It would give the U Stand more longevity and worth in the market. Even if they had added one USB 3.0 port it would’ve been icing on the cake. Even though I like the clean left side of the U Stand, I think Cooler Master could have added a a fan controller and/or an LED light on/off switch. As it stands, both are controlled by one power button. Speaking of power, even though the U Stand does not come with it, bundling a power adapter would have been a nice touch as well.

The fans, to me, are what make the U Stand. They have a unique design and are lightweight, silent, easy to install, and push a considerable amount of air. Their re-usability is also a great feature, and the fact that the fans can be removed and cleaned is a nice plus. The cable management options built into each fan are extremely helpful, and even when pushed against a surface, the fans do not catch onto anything.

Overall, I love what Cooler Master has done with the U Stand. The results themselves show the fruit of their labour, as I received almost ten degrees less on every test while my notebooks rested on the U Stand. I love the extras and the designing, as well as the amount of thought that went into creating it. The engineers thought about every possible thing, and how best to utilize it.


– Unique design

– Excellent cooling performance

– Nice matte-black finish

– Adjustable height

– Lightweight

– Silent fans

– Moveable fans

– USB hub

– Portable

– Able to support large notebooks

– Slim and sturdy

– Cheap price


– No USB 3.0 ports

– NO DC adapter included

The Cooler Master Notepal U Stand gets a well earned 9.5/10.

I would like to thank Cooler Master for providing the U Stand for testing and review.

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I’m convinced! I have been researching cooling stands and pads for two days and this is the smartest looking choice. I’m all in!