Cooler Master Notepal U Stand Review – Features and Specifcations


Patented Configurable Cooling Fans
Two patented 100mm silent fans are included and placed underneath the aluminum surface. These fully configurable fans can be used to pinpoint to the hottest areas of your laptop (i.e. CPU, HDD) for unsurpassed cooling performance.

Ergonomic design
Five different height settings showcase the ergonomically design for best viewing/typing angles which  allows you to work or play on your laptop for prolonged periods without straining your back or wrist.



Anti-Slip Holders
Adjustable anti-slip holders with movable rubber strips placed keeps 9″ to 17″ laptops sturdy on your desk; a very important feature that gives you a piece of mind.



Aluminum Surface
Elegant hairline finish aluminum surface functions as a cooling pad to spread the heat onto a larger surface area. The aluminum surface also allows the U Stand to take on the wear-and-tear of the daily use from the laptop.


Thoughtful Design
Three USB ports allow your laptop cooler to become a central hub for your computer, allowing you to connect all your USB devices at ease. There is also a rear cable clip to secure your cables.


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