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Discussion in 'Networking' started by renovation, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. renovation

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    mine a wireless linksys cisco n router .hard wired to the wifes rig and my main rig also got a hard wired to my computer test bench . we do use it for wireless web on are laptops from time to time , also have my panasonic 42 lcd tv & panasonic blueray player connected wireless .it using a panasonic tv wireless adapter.
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    Funny you come up with this thread because it is impossible to get to our computers by hardline and we were using wireless...until recently. About 2 weeks ago I bought the D-Link Network hub that sends the signal through your electrical outlets and, well, it is absolutely amazing. I get far better response and far quicker connections now without the problems often associated with wireless signals. BEST upgrade I have made to the system. They are here:
  3. renovation

    renovation Guest

    had looked just last week at some of those type units and wonder how well they worked in real world applications. nice to know there not a waste of money ~ you should do a reveiw on them ?
  4. rickss69

    rickss69 Guest

    Good to hear that Les - I may look into one of those for myself.
  5. mjh215

    mjh215 Guest

    I wonder if there could be problems with electronics that don't have a good line filtering circuit? Did you look into that at all, I wondered that before when I saw it but really never looked into it.

  6. Hameister

    Hameister Guest

    I'm using this...

    Wife's computer, all laptops, and Roku boxes are machine is connected via Cat6 Ethernet cable.

    Modem & Router sit on shelf about 5' off the floor and provides good coverage throughout the house.

    (Sorry photo isn't very good, but you get the idea)

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  7. Jack

    Jack Guest

    The family computer, laptops and PS3 is all connected to the net via a wireless signal, my PC however gets a CAT6 cable directly from the router. It's wired or nothing with me and my main rig.
  8. rickss69

    rickss69 Guest

    Les - Some have been questioning this as they remember from times past that it had to be used on the same circuit. Do you know exactly how this operates now?
  9. Computurd

    Computurd Guest

    i have a huge home network. two routers and a 12 port switch. all gigabit with cat6. xbox 360, ps3, tv and roku player all on the router in the living room, commected via gigabit switch to other router and three computers and home server in the office. also have several laptops, all wireless n. i love the homegroup fucntion on win7, it is just amazingly fast to move files around on the gigabit network. faster to copy files via the network than to use usb flash. like TEN times faster :)
  10. jyc327

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    the adapter Les is using is similar in theory and practice as say DSl and regular phone lines. Copper wire in house can carry both analogue and digital "signals" AC being the analogue. the device is designed to produce and transmit "digital" signals through the Copper wires in your house. and the other receiver unit will pick this up and translate that signal into the appropriate signals used for networking needs.

    in most case there should not and will not be problems with other electronics. unless either that particular piece is incredibly sensitive or that part of the wiring is not copper/faulty/integrated filters.
  11. apertur3

    apertur3 Guest

    shoot, I would buy a powerline kit if they weren't so darn expensive. as it is, I don't have to transfer large files over my wireless connection but it would be nice if I could get my router up to where my computers are, for the sake of remote wake-on-LAN. Wifi will not pass WoL packets.
  12. Sean

    Sean Guest

    Upstairs - 8-port Edimax 100Mbps switch, with the following attached:

    1. ZyXEL DSL router
    2. Family desktop computer
    3. Edimax 54Mbps Wi-Fi Access point (5dBi aerial)
    4. Belkin 200Mbps Homeplug
    Downstairs - 8-port D-link green Gigabit switch, with the following attached:

    1. My desktop PC
    2. Cisco PAP2T (VoIP)
    3. Network media player
    4. Belkin 200Mbps Homeplug (links to upstairs)
    I do agree that the Homeplug is excellent and very reliable for streaming video. I have already ran a 5 hour download from a slow server without it dropping the connection.

    The Wi-Fi is also pretty reliable, mainly thanks to an aerial upgrade. If you use Wi-Fi, get a 5dBi or higher gain aerial upgrade. I use to get 2 bar in rooms with the weakest signal. Changing the aerial to 5dBi put this up to 4 bar and also pretty much eliminated drop-outs.
  13. The SSD Guy

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    A Little update.....

    I have been using this for a few weeks now and it works like a charm..... 100 ties better than wifi did regardless of the frequency. I moved my router to a few diff plus within the house to see if it would be any less for reception and no. The simple fact is that this baby works... plug and difficult installation and....well....considering the amount of time and number of simultaneous activities I have on the go with this system...its great!

    Little plug for them in fact!

  14. The Duke

    The Duke Guest

    I have my home hard wired, because I am paranoid about wireless connections and little kids with lots of time on their hands.

    I ran about 200ft of cat 5 through the attic in a Texas summer, which I highly do not recommend haha. I think it was about 140 degrees up there. Now I have all 2 PC's and 2 Laptops hardwired in and its really not a pain for the laptops because we use them in about the same spot every time so we have a cord running to it nice and neat.
  15. Computurd

    Computurd Guest

    yea you cant beat a hardwire for the speeds, especially cat5/6...they are just better! i have one of my routers locked down for wireless, takes a very big encryption key to get in.
    the other router is wireless, but setup for visitors to log in...just an easy code and very restricted internet access.
  16. mmaakk

    mmaakk Guest

    I love the attitude Duke :cool:

    Never underestimate little kids!

    Took me a while to finally go wireless in my place, maybe because we came from an era where computers used to work without this "internet" thing...

    I use wireless mostly for iPad/iPhone, laptop and TV. My desktop rigs so far only wired.
  17. c0op3r

    c0op3r Guest

    Lets see my 'Current' network setup:

    WAN is Bright House Cable Business Solution w/ 5 static IPs

    That comes in the house via there crap ass router/modem (I used to have my own modem but for the 5 statics I have to have theirs) - it is in Bridge mode.

    From there it runs into my equipment as follows:

    PC-Engine x86 Single board computer running DD-WRT with an Atheos PCI-mini Wireless Card (b/g) I have an SR71-12 card for the board but the firmware is still not supported 100%
    Cisco/Linksys SRW-1024 Gigabyte 24port Manage Switch

    that goes to the rest of the network most of which is wired, the only wireless is (2) iPads, (2) iPhones, and sometimes (2) Laptops - and my (2) cameras with Eye.Fi Cards

    Also coming out of the Cable (using one of the other Static IP's) is my Cobalt RaQ550 Webserver that I run my little personal webpage from.

    If you would like to see pictures or have any question just ask and i will happy to reply.
  18. Liza Brown

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    I have recently faced a huge error on my Epson Printer and it is not properly connected with my Windows 10 system. It was showing epson error code 0xf4 while I connect the printer on my system. Can anyone solve the USB error?

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