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    Please use this thread only for comments about Windows Blue.

    Put your Windows 8 Comments in the "Winders 8 Thread"

    Just finished installing the leaked Windows Blue build 9364 on a spare Vertex 2 SSD

    This is a 32bit build.

    The installation was 99% identical to W8

    Anvil shows it as Windows 8 Pro 32bit build 9364 and the default storage driver as storahci.

    The "Classic Shell and Start8 didn't install correctly.

    I'll update this as I go.

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    Interesting...curious as to the differences, however, STILL HATE THE GUI...

    Truth is that, IMHO, Windows 8 is like a bad car that one continuously soaks money into to keep running. On one hand, you cant get rid of it because you have invested so much yet you have to keep it going to get from point A to point B. This is exactly what Microsoft did by shutting down access to Windows 7 and force feeding the population Windows 8. I can honestly say that Vista paled in comparison when it came to complaints and a perfect example of what I speak is stores such as Staples providing 20 minute complimentary Win 8 lessons to purchasers of new systems.

    If I had a buck for EVERY person that asked me how to shut down Win 8 or where to store files, I'de be a millionaire.

    Ooops sorry...steered off course.... looking forward to your opinion Smog
  3. renovation

    renovation Guest

    I pulled windows 8 off both my test rigs - I stop testing 8 fully , one rig I reloaded windows 7 pro 64 - on the other true blue xp pro . microsoft refuse to omit they invested to much to turn back away from windows (Sour Grapes as I call it ).
  4. doorules

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    If they fiddled enough to make third party solutions to the start page not work they are insane, and i would expect w8 blue to fall off the earth in sales.
  5. SmogHog

    SmogHog Guest

    Could be just the code needs updating.

    I think the original 1st release of Start8 worked on the Preview of W8 but had to be updated to run on the RTM.

    I'm not going to be doing too much with this Windows Blue mainly because this leak is x86 and just about every program/driver/utility I have on USB is for x64.

    Firefox 19.0.2 went in well as did the plugins.

    When I typed in the address bar of IE11 it wanted me to use Bing.
  6. SmogHog

    SmogHog Guest

    There's a subtle but extremely notable tweak that Microsoft has conducted with Internet Explorer 11.

    IE 11 in Windows Blue impersonates Firefox. By doing this, a website using IE-related CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) workarounds wouldn't deliver these workarounds at all, but instead the page as it would be delivered to Firefox.


    With this move, it's clear that Microsoft is tired of hearing about users who are having a difficult time viewing a webpage in its IE browser.

    For Microsoft to actually impersonate a competitor's browser is pretty wild, and it'll be interesting to see what Mozilla has to say about it.

    Internet Explorer 11 to Impersonate as Firefox in User Agent To Avert CSS Issues - HotHardware

    BTW,why isn't x86(32bit) Windows dead already.

    Where's the x128?
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  7. ugly

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    Actually, that report seems to be a bit misleading. IE11 is actually disguising itself as Webkit

  8. SmogHog

    SmogHog Guest

    From the article I linked.

    "We can also likely glean that Microsoft chose Firefox over Chrome to "impersonate as its Trident engine" likely mimics Gecko's rendering engine better than WebKit."

    Every blogger has their own opinions about What and Why.
  9. SmogHog

    SmogHog Guest

    Microsoft has officially acknowledged Windows Blue

    On Tuesday, Frank X. Shaw, the corporate vice president of corporate communications at Microsoft, made the first official mention of Windows Blue in a TechNet blog post:
    Now, the look ahead. With a remarkable foundation of products in market and a clear view of how we will evolve the company, product leaders across Microsoft are working together on plans to advance our devices and services, a set of plans referred to internally as “Blue.”

    While Shaw didn’t disclose exactly which services will be receiving a Blue update—scuttlebutt says Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows Phone 8, Windows Server, and multiple online services

    Deep inside Windows Blue: 10 coolest features in Microsoft's leaked OS

  10. alan1476

    alan1476 Guest

    What a freakin mess, I am using Windows 7 Pro 64bit until there is a Service Pack for Win 8 64 Pro.
  11. SmogHog

    SmogHog Guest

    The fact is that Microsoft has changed the manufacturing process of operating systems.

    If before the creation of the system took 2.5 years after the release of Windows 7, Microsoft realized that actually lags the market of operating systems and the latest trends .....

    Google's aggressive promotion of its portable platform Android has forced Microsoft to revise cycles of creation - to upgrade their systems. It should also take into account that the company APPLE yearly releases updates for operating systems with the introduction of the new features.

    So, Microsoft will no longer issue in the usual form of the so-called service pack (Service Pack) are only correct errors without introducing new features and functions!
    In place of service pack (Service Pack) comes the so-called extended support system, ie, with patches of holes will be introduced and new features!

    Creation time - release of these packages also reduced to one year. Ie, the first official release preview of the service pack,aka Windows Blue, to Microsoft Windows 8 should be expected in Q2, and in the late summer/fall it will be available as final release?

    It's unknown if Windows Blue will be a FREE upgrade to Windows 8 Core and Pro.

    The kernel is 6.3 so it may not be a FREE upgrade from 6.2

    All these attempts by the corporation maybe can't save the situation,
    Microsoft is losing ground on all fronts ...
  12. renovation

    renovation Guest

    personally I think corporation's are getting there fill of MS and the way they are doing things. if any company where to come along . offer a OS with a office package to go along with it. they jump on the band wagon to save $$$$$ with the high costs of switching OS and IT cost to maintaining them. also the requirements (costs) for the IT personal to stay current.then you have the latest microsoft support fee's to keep running xp . they are thinking what will be coming down the road from MS if they keep using there products !
  13. alan1476

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    This is where Microsoft has you by the so called family jewels, most of the software that is coded for Windows is at the kernel level so if they change the kernel, you have to make a revision to the software.
  14. doorules

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  15. renosablast

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    So how much damage have they done to there brand before they began to see the light?
  16. SmogHog

    SmogHog Guest

    It's not known if the start button code string means a button to open the metro interface or a Windows 7 type start menu.

    Build 9369 x64 is on torrent sites.Earlier leaked build 9364 was 32bit.

    Latest build that is reportedly in Microsoft partner hands is 9385.
  17. Peter11112

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    Mmmm i think this is a theme of the windows which we installed in our home version windows in windows XP and 7 and also 8 but i think this theme is only install in for Windows Xp because windows 7 and 8 is popular and new windows and have all the latest themes ..........
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