Two Intel 520 180GB SSDs in RAID 0

Discussion in 'SSD Benchmark Locker' started by parsec, May 15, 2012.

  1. parsec

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    SandForce SSDs suffer in AS SSD Benchmark due to incompressible data? You tell me...

    Two 180GB 520's in RAID 0, on P67 SATA III
    as-ssd Intel 520 180GB RAID 0 P67 SATA III MBs 5.15.2012.png
    as-ssd Intel 520 180GB RAID 0 P67 SATA III IOPs 5.15.2012.png
    as-copy-bench Intel 520 180GB RAID 0 P67 SATA III 5.15.2012.png

    While my 128GB V4 RAID 0 results surpass the 520's in the main test, the Intel 520's surpass it in the Copy-Benchmark in two out of three categories, and are behind in the other by 0.03 s and 14.4MB. Interesting...

    Two 128GB OCZ V4's in RAID 0, on P67 SATA III
    as-copy-bench OCZ V4 RAID 0 P67 SATA III 5.13.2012.png
  2. Zaxx

    Zaxx Guest

    If you would...maybe put your system specs in your sig so we can see what your working with? Tia...
  3. lwood2k3

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    Nice to see your post. Thankful google found it.

    I've been looking at this setup for a while. I had the Vertex 3's in RAID0, fast, but unstable/reliable. Now switched to a single 180GB 520 and I'm considering RAID0 as a daily driver. Backups assumed.

    My question is in stability & reliability, are you running a setup like this for daily use?
    Do you have any stability issues?
    Do you prefer 520's or V4's.

    Instability and immature firmware lead me away from OCZ, We'll skip the talk about support.

    Very Happy with the 520 series. The 180GB version allows for 60,000 iops rather than the 40,000 iops of the 120GB version. *HUGE* They suport Trim in RAID0 mode with the ssd toolbox.

    Let me know your thoughts, Thanks in advance.

    Corsair: W600T, H80 wAerocool Sharks, 16GB 4x4 @ 1600 LProfile
    Intel: DZ68BC, 2500K @ 4.5, Cherryville 520 180GB(R0 soon!!)
    WD: Black 2x2TB R1
    Kingwin LZ-850 PSU <-- Sic
  4. The Veterant

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    This are my results of my spare drive on RAID 0. With OROM ver and RST ver 11. 2. 0.1006., Plus TRIM. vrtx4R0sata3.png

    PLS Note: I did tray to edit my SPECS and save them and for some reason didn't save them, is not upto me. sorry

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