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Discussion in 'Software' started by Bad_Machine, Nov 24, 2011.

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    I recently installed Pismo File Mount Audit Package as my ISO mounter and got rid of Virtual CloneDrive. The main reason I installed PFMAP is because it can mount zip archives as (read only) folders. Since it can also mount ISO files (which I only occasionally use outside VirtualBox), I don't think I need anything else.

    BTW, thanks to this thread I'm trying Explorer++ again. I tried it a couple of years ago but decided it was a bit raw. I see that it has had quite a bit of development since then, and it has a good mix of features for me.
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    Nice find, first time I've heard of this and now installed on my system. Very light utility also, can't believe it's just 1.5MB considering its features. Now added to the first post. :)

    This is a nice improvement over Windows ZIP folders with contents being directly accessible as if they were already extracted. I also like how it can also map a ZIP file as a drive letter.
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    After posting a double rainbow that I had to stitch together, I realised that this utility Hugin was not here, so I've added this to the first post.

    To prepare for a panorama, take a succession of photos from left to right, making sure each photo overlaps by at least a third. Once you're back home, load the sequence of photos into Hugin and follow the steps. To add more height to the panorama, turn the camera sideways (as if taking a portrait) and take a succession of pictures left to right.

    Hugin can also be used to create very high resolution photos of non-moving objects. Basically, this is done by taking several rows of photo sequences zoomed in such that each row overlaps the above row by a third also. When stitched together, this can give very high resolution images that normally can only be achieved by a $10,000+ medium back camera. I've a few 20 to 40 Megapixel photos from Utah that I took with a 6 Megapixel Fuji-film F30 camera at the time. :cool:
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    For those folks who do not have a "Panorama" mode on their cameras, this is a very viable alternative. Glad you added it Sean!
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    Added H2testw, which tests blank flash USB drives and memory cards for defective blocks. Basically what it does is fill the drive with random data and reads it back to check if it matches what was written. To run this utility, the drive must be empty.

    This utility can also test if the memory card or USB drive is fake, which is a very big problem on eBay where rogue traders are selling counterfeits that have a fraction of their advertised capacity. E.g. a counterfeit Kingston 64GB would show up as a 64GB drive in Windows, but when data is written beyond the 4GB mark (or what ever the real capacity), it starts overwriting existing content. It is not until the user later tries reading back the data that they realise something is not right.

    After my new 32GB Lexar microSD card started giving problems with my phone over the weekend, I ran a full format, followed by H2testw:


    As shown above, this card also dropped near the start of the verify stage, so time to RMA it.
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    Nice find! I've two access points - one running B+G and the other on a separate channel configured to N only, the B+G access point has an external aerial and the N has an internal aerial. I tried this utility on my Netbook and while walking room to room around the house, it was neat seeing how the signal level varied and clearly showed the difference between the two access points.

    As some may have heard, N supposedly travels further than G, but as I've discovered, this is not the case when the N access point has an internal aerial, when compared to a G access point with an external aerial. The signal from the N access point dropped off much quicker than the G access point and lost it completely in areas I still get a good signal from the G access point, so if you're thinking of upgrading to an N access point or router to get better signal range, make sure it has an external aerial. :)
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    Been using the inSSIDer for some time now. Using 3 wireless adapters on 3 separate PC's. Once in a while I have to change wireless channel due to local other signals interfering. Very easy to identify problem with this software!
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    Here is a useful way to block tracking of your web-browsing activity:

    Do Not Track Plus

    So far this is one of the first I have seen that does not seem to slow the browser down.
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    Added to the first post:
    FILEminimizer Pictures v3.0.0.210
    Simple Socket File Tranfer v1.0
    The Onion Router (ToR) anonymous browsing standalone bundle v2.2.35-7.1
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    Added Junction Link Magic to the first post.
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    Here's a free app that I really enjoy owning. It works on any Android OS 2.2 (Froyo), to 3.2.1 (Honeycomb).

    It has many different functions, and can analyze a Wi-Fi signal many different ways, including which router channel will provide the least amount of interference with other nearby signals. It's easy to "dial in", signals. You can change views with a simple left or right swipe of your finger, and many other features.

    These are some screenshots...

    Desktop_2012_03_14_20_57_29_597.jpg Desktop_2012_03_14_20_57_36_797.jpg

    Desktop_2012_03_14_20_57_41_069.jpg Desktop_2012_03_14_20_57_47_341.jpg


    This is a photo I took of my signal on my tablet, and my neighbor's signal on my cell phone. Believe me the app has well saturated beautiful bright colors, such as the red, yellow, and green you see here.

    Unfortunately, it was very difficult to take a photo with a flash with 2 different glass surfaces. When I got a good shot without glass reflections, the color was all washed out, but you get the idea.

    If you'd like this app. you can get it here... Wi-Fi Analyzer: Appstore for Android

    My Wi-Fi Signal on Tablet Neighbors Signal on Cell Phone.jpg
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    New Version Of CCleaner Has Some Interesting Enhancements!

    Read Release Notes here... CCleaner - Download
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    Just a word of caution for those who download freeware -- even legitimate sources of downloads have embedded download links to other "PC scanning services" that are very easy to click on by mistake -- their download button is often an exact duplicate of the legitimate one. My experience over the weekend on a new build -- wanted to download CPU-Z/CPU-ID, and got in a hurry and clicked on the wrong download link. When I realized that something called "adware" something or other was downloading, I stopped the download immediately. An unknown toolbar popped up with my browser, so I went to the "program" list to uninstall it. Saw the toolbar and one other "adware" program listed. Tried to uninstall the first adware program, and computer immediately crashed. Rebooted and ran Microsoft Security Essentials full scan, which found nothing. Downloaded and ran Malwarebytes, which found no less than 22 files titled "adware......this, that, the other -- even a "sandbox" session -- and quarantined and removed them. After that, I was able to uninstall the two offending programs.

    Bottom line, and I am talking to myself here, is PAY ATTENTION!! Read the entire page before you click on a download link until you make sure it is the actual link to software you want!
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    CoreTemp is another to be especially careful with downloading, as they have a huge legitimate-looking link saying "Download: Core Temp 1.0 RC3", which is a sponsored crapware infested download (left screenshot). Just below this, there is a link saying "More Downloads...", click this and then the 32-bit or 64-bit file, which is actual software.

    Even trying to explain to colleagues at work how to download something is not as straight forward as it use to. In fact, usually I have to e-mail the person a screenshot of what to click, e.g. the following example was a screenshot I sent to a colleague as he got suspicious wondering why he kept getting a setup file instead of the Excel spreadsheet he was expecting from a client (right screenshot):

    CoreTemp_Download_Warning.png sendspace_how_to_download.jpg
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    I'm using the IObit defrag tool on my spinners occasionaly and it works well. Overall a great set of free tools.

    ---------- Post added at 02:12 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:05 AM ----------

    I find it very strange that otherwise intelligent people can turn to complete morons when it has to do with computer related things or internet stuff. One doesn't have to be a rocket scientist in order to pick the correct link on the page you posted Sean.

    I despair with people who look at you wide-eyed and then they just nod with that "I don't really get it" vacant stare. I despair when people need to be spoon-fed the most basic and fundamental information. I'm sure you feel what I'm saying.
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    The great FREE inSSIDer app for WiFi just got an update.

    See your connectio strength.

    Find best channel.

    View other networks near you.

    inSSIDer updated to
    Release Notes:

    New Features
    • GPS controls are now in GPS menu
    • GPS tab and related table information are hidden if GPS is off
    • Enhanced Welcome tab with more Wi-Fi resources
    Bug Fixes
    • Changing filters no longer clears the data
    • Column ordering and visibility is remembered between sessions
    • Columns are now sorted every time the data in the table changes

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