The perfect balance between IOPS, latency and throughput

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    After reading this post I still have a few questions.

    a] Is there a point more IOPS get useless for a PC power user?

    b] Is there a golden ration between the big-3 for PC power use?

    Below the specs for 3 SSDs. Which one will give the best performance in a PC? Why?

    I must add I'm a bit puzzled why there is such a huge difference between the read and write IOPS of the third drive.

    Seq read: 3,200 MB/s

    Seq write: 1,800 MB/s

    Random read 4K: 330,000 IOPS

    Random write 4K: 330,000 IOPS

    Seq read: 2,800 MB/s

    Seq write: 660 MB/s

    Random read 4K: 260,000 IOPS

    Random write 4K: 260,000 IOPS

    Seq read: 2,600 MB/s

    Seq write: 1,200 MB/s

    Random read 4K: 420,000 IOPS

    Random write 4K: 23,000 IOPS

    Source of the specs:
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