Samsung SSD 850 EVO or Pro?

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Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500 GB or Samsung SSD 850 Pro 512 GB?

  1. Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500 GB

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  2. Samsung SSD 850 Pro 512 GB

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  1. stream

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    Hi guys, I need your advice :).

    I'm looking for SSD for my Samsung RF511-S04PL from 2011. Short specs: Intel Core i7 2630QM, 2x4 GB RAM DDR3, Intel HD Graphics 3000 & NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M, Western Digital WD5000BEVT (500 GB) and currently on Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) but I'm think a lot about update to Windows 10.

    I need around 500-512 GB capacity. It will be my main drive (for system, software, photos, documents etc.) so I really care about durability and reliability. I have Intel HM65 chipset and I know that I have SATA 3 interface in my laptop. I use my laptop a lot (from morning till night) for web browsing, programming, sometime I need to run VM and in free time for image and video processing.

    I'm thinking about these drives:
    • Samsung SSD 850 Pro (MZ-7KE512BW) - little expensive but supposedly durable, I heard about problem with unlucky update and problems with TRIM (but that the issue supposedly is not related to Samsung SSD), 10 years warranty
    • Samsung SSD 850 EVO (MZ-75E500B) - less durable TLC NAND flash chips, 5 years warranty
    • Crucial MX200 (CT500MX200SSD1) - I read that it sometimes "disappearing" from the system, lost all partition etc, 3 years warranty
    What do you think about it? I seriously wonder about Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500 GB or 850 Pro 512 GB. Which drive should I choose? Difference between 850 EVO 500 GB and 850 Pro 512 GB in the price in my country is around 75$.

    English isn’t my native language, so please excuse any mistakes.
  2. The SSD Guy

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    For the work you do, I would go with the pro model.
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