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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself To The Community' started by brad, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. brad

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    Rather than having multiple threads

    I think it would be best if all the members from the old forum post here in this thread, to let us know that you made it here OK :D
    If you need help with using the forum ,you can post here in Feedback-and-Suggestions section
    The FAQ's and how to use the forum features are the first link in my signature
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  2. The SSD Guy

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    I'm here!!!! But then I have been all day. Likewise if you need help, just shout. There are going to be a few things that need to be adjusted and if you find any, please let us know!

  3. Rcat

    Rcat Guest

    hello all SSD heads

    MOBO 003.jpg built first computer by myself last year, just installed REVOx2 160 SSD.WHAT a Difference! I7 920,X58 EVGA CLASSFIED 3WAY SLI, 2XGTX275 1x275COOP, 12G CORSAIR 1600, CORSAIR H-50, 2X150 RAPTORS RAID0, COOLMASTER 1250 P.SUPPLY, PLEXOR BLUE-RAY, SILVERSTONE RAVON II, ASUS 24 MONATOR, WINDOWS 7 64 ULTRA
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  4. The SSD Guy

    The SSD Guy Administrator Staff Member

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    Congrats and nice setup. Welcome to the team!!!
  5. Ndlucas

    Ndlucas Guest

    Checking in.... Present and accounted for.
  6. PvtWulf

    PvtWulf Guest

    Yo , present
  7. AMD_freak

    AMD_freak Guest

    Raises hand
  8. rickss69

    rickss69 Guest

    I found you!
  9. Seeps

    Seeps Guest

    everything's ok now guys...i'm here don't worry
  10. toughasnails

    toughasnails Guest

    Yo, Home sweet home
  11. cosmo74

    cosmo74 Guest

    hi just joined the other site like two or three day ago any way just ordered an ocz 120gb veratex 2 from what I can tell they are one of the top 5 fastest for the sata 2 drives in the prosumer range hope I made a good choice
  12. compusmith

    compusmith Guest


    Hello All,

    I've been perusing the site for a while and used much of the information here to help me with my final decision to go with an SSD for my recent build, so thank you all of your help! I look forward to learning more by participating in these forums.

    My recent build features an i-5 2500K on an Asrock Extreme 4 (kinda bummed about the whole chipset issue), 8GB RAM, and a GTX 460. I have an 80GB OCZ Vertex 2 as my boot drive, a 1.5TB 7200RPM drive as my main storage drive, and a slower 2TB drive as backup for the boot and storage drives.
  13. YumaRed

    YumaRed Guest

    Thanks for the update and invite to the new site. Looks great! This site has just been a complete goldmine of information. Since my knowledge and skill level is still very close to NOOB... this site has allowed for me to find the answers to my totally embarassing NOOB questions, yet I know that I always have tons of experts to help if I really screw it up.
  14. DaMaN

    DaMaN Guest

    Hello, I joined the other site last week and thanks to cosmo74, I found myself here today. I have 3 SSD Drives at the moment. 1 in my wife's netbook (60Gb OCZ Vortex 2 SSD), one in my main C2D Socket 775 rig (120gb vortex 2) and an older / slower Kingston 64GB in my HTPC. I had a really nice fast one in the HTPC (Corsair) but gave it to my cancer stricken brother when I built him a new PC when his went down. So I have used 4 so far.
  15. Dave76

    Dave76 Guest

    Hi, I have also just registered at the other site and received the notification for this site.
    Have had my SSD for almost a year now and have been searching for information, more is better.
    Been looking and waiting for the Gen3s, some of the information has been troubling, hope they get the issues resolved.
  16. JohnP

    JohnP Guest

    I made it here ok.
  17. jyc327

    jyc327 Guest

    yo everybody!

    Jacky here,

    was on the old forum for a while. uhmm computer is my hobby/obession i guess since i need to try everything new and exciting. hence i got the stuff from Les.

    i do some photography, custom computer case builds, and i am slowly getting a collection of audiophile stuff. tube amps and such and such.

    been a sales/tech for a computer store for around 2 years.
  18. mastersson

    mastersson Guest

    I'm on this roll call train. Hope to be an insightful contributor & importantly listener to the new forums!
  19. buburuza76

    buburuza76 Guest

    boo! just arrived. i thought old login/password should work here...but i registered and now it`s all done.
  20. cinka

    cinka Guest

    The new forum looks awesome, but going to need some time settling in :)

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