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    you have to just love it. about 1 1/2 years ago I was given a Dell Inspiron 1525 . the client went out and bought a new one because it wouldn't take a charge. Becouse they were told the mb was bad by the geek squad. It work if plug in but die as soon as it was unplug. well my first though was bad battery very common problem. so I order a new one but a 9 cell to replace the 6 cell it came with cost like $25 or $35 bucks forgot now that was a year ago.
    Anyway wouldn't recharge and seeing I just use the unit when traveling no biggie and plug in when needed .
    3 weeks ago or so someone came by with a Dell laptop that had a software glitch . I was looking and seen it had the very same power pack that the free unit had. I used there power pack hooked it to the Inspiron1525 I was given . sure enought there power pack fully charged the repacement and orginal battery. so I went on ebay and found a oem pa-12 dell power pack for $15 shipped with a warrienty.
    also with the laptop the client gave me was the $50 plus case and all the oem software .
    not bad so I have $35 in for a 9 cell battery .
    $15 for a good power pack.
    for $50 invested now over 2 years time frame.
    I own this dell Inspiron1525
    Intel Core 2 Duo T8100 / 2.1 GHz 667.0 MHz
    4 GB ram
    120 GB HDD
    15.4 display
    wireless 802.11g & modem
    8 in 1 card reader ( Memory Stick ),
    ( SD Memory Card ),
    ( MultiMediaCard ),
    ( Memory Stick PRO ),
    ( xD-Picture Card )
    4- usb 2 slots
    1 hdmi
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    looks like you made out : )

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