Post your Cpu overclocks here!!!

Discussion in 'CPUs' started by ShrimpBrime, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. ShrimpBrime

    ShrimpBrime Guest

    Let's see what you fellas bring to the table.

    RULES: (simple is best)
    Place a current screen shot or validation link or both if you want.
    Cpu-z DL CPUID - System & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting

    Please make an actual post with a current link IN the post please!!!
    This way the forum will keep the record instead of your sig changing when you upgrade ;)

    Keep OC chit chat to a separate thread please!!

    Strictly bragging rights ~ Bring it on! :cool:

    Tonight's OC I usually have it backed down to 4ghz - this is on air.
    The NB/HT speeds are daily as well as the Ram.

    CPU-Z Validator 3.1

    980BE 4250mhz.png
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  2. aaron6581230

    aaron6581230 Guest


    Not bad for almost stock voltage
  3. stratosrally

    stratosrally Guest

    Mine's in my sig file, at the bottom - I've been running that OC for 8 months + for probably 9 or 10 hours a day.
  4. doorules

    doorules Guest

  5. OS-Wiz

    OS-Wiz Guest

    Nice OC Doorules!
    I managed to squeeze 5.1 out of my old 2600K, see sig.
    Best so far on 3930K is 4.9.
  6. doorules

    doorules Guest

    I think I must have had a pretty good 2600k chip... Could run vantage or just about any other bench at these settings.

  7. ShrimpBrime

    ShrimpBrime Guest

    Guys don't use your sigs.... It won't keep record when you change your set ups :lol

    Please make an actual post with a current link IN the post please!!!

    please? :p
  8. renosablast

    renosablast Guest

    CPU-Z 9-6.PNG

    Stable at just over 4.0
  9. stratosrally

    stratosrally Guest

    There has been NO change to my setup since I ran it.

    That would be why I mentioned how long it has been running (trouble-free, I might add).

    Anyhoo - I'm downloading the new version of CPU-Z now and we shall see what has changed...

    Prepare to be bored:


  10. alan1476

    alan1476 Guest

    The only one that has a chance of doing a higher Overclock is Gigabytes HiCookie, and he uses LN2 and Dice. So seeing that I have the same hardware as you do Doorules, I cannot for the life of me get it stable at those speeds. You are the OCGW. LOL.
  11. doorules

    doorules Guest

    Ha, not hardly alan. Those guys are in a whole other world of benching bud. 2600k was the easiest chip to OC I have ever had, just the luck of the draw I got one that would boot up at 5.5
  12. ShrimpBrime

    ShrimpBrime Guest

    Yea they do clock pretty good. Your's is a dang nice chip. My 2500K hit the 5ghz club NP. It was a while ago though.... good stuff :cool:

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  13. doorules

    doorules Guest

    New high for me in cinebench... 15.84 @ 5.41


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