PNY Prevail elite 480 GB slower than a 240 GB in AS-SSD Is this normal ?

Discussion in 'SSD Benchmark Locker' started by naimc, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. naimc

    naimc Guest

    Hello form members I could use some help.

    I have recently purchased a few PNY Prevail Elite SSD, the 3 x 240 GB and the 1 x 480GB unit.

    While benchmarking in AS-SSD I noticed that the 480 GB is under performing when compaired to the 240 GB, the 4K write performance.

    I this normal for SSD based on Sandforce controllers ? I maybe mistakenly assumed that performance would be almost similar.

    None of my PC's have native SATAIII so my benchmarking was done using both he ASMedia 1061 and a Marvel 9235 based card the SI-PEX40063.

    The following shows the benchmark for a 240 Chronos Delux 240GB left, and the 240 GB PNY Elite on right. The controller is the Marvel 9235 ( My PCIe bus is slightly overclocked to 110 Mhz). I call this my "baseline"

    nc2008R2 -  Marvel msahci PNY and Chronos 240GB.png

    A few days after I received the PNY 480 GB drive, ( I sent the 240 GB to my work coworks in another city so I can no longer do a side by side with the 240 and 480 PNY drives)

    as-ssd-bench Marvel controller SSD2SC480GE4DH16 21.03.2013 8-06-21 AM.png

    Look at the difference between the 4K Random Write, 66 MB/S for the 240 GB PNY vs only 19. 83 MB/s for the 480GB unit similar problem with the 4K 64thread Writes.

    I've tried using the different drivers, disabling / enabling write cache on the SSD made very little difference.

    Thanks for any insight you might have.

  2. Sean Webster

    Sean Webster Guest

    It's normal. All other 480GB sandforce drives show about the same. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do about it. It won't affect your everyday usage though, other than benchmarks.
  3. The SSD Guy

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    Thanks Sean and yes we have confirmed same same with a number of SF 480 and above SSDs...
  4. naimc

    naimc Guest

    Ok thank you for the confirmation, I read a lot of SSD reviews and I might not have been paying full attention I never noticed this detail regarding the SF

    We purchased the PNY's to test out a server application that has high I/O requirements as these are the cheapest consumer eMLC I know of. One of design questions we are contemplating is the usage of 200 GB vs 400 GB SSD's using Intel DC S3700.

    So I won't assume performance is equal without testing 1st. Lesson learnt

  5. SmogHog

    SmogHog Guest

    AS SSD uses incompressible data for the synthetic benchmarking.

    In the CrystalDiskMark and Anvil Storage Utilities benchmarking apps the data type used can be changed to compressible where SandForce controllers shine.

    The 240GB~256Gb capacities are usually considered the sweet spot and produce the better synthetic benchmark scores.

    You could do some real world file copy tests with various types of files like a Windows 7 ISO,large/small MKV/AVI/MP4 or folder full of jpegs dragging from a USB stick to the SSD desktop and from the SSD to the USB stick.
  6. peterson01

    peterson01 Guest

    Right. Everything is getting commercial I believe. These base parameters must be detected based on the content and the end user should not have access to change their type! This is really shocking!! It is always best to decide on the SSD based on the actual I/O tests like smoghog suggests. I have performed similar tests on my Intel 520x SSDs and quite happy with the iops.
  7. peterson01

    peterson01 Guest

    I have the PNY Prevail 480GB & this has really good iops than the best! I have done real world iops rather than depending on some benchmarking tool whose results can be tweaked at times. I am sure most of them would do real tests and conclude on the speeds
  8. alan1476

    alan1476 Guest

    I don't think you will bench better than the Vector or the Sammy 840 pro.
  9. shelialx60

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