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Discussion in 'CPUs' started by robbiec, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. robbiec

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  2. ET3D

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    I've been using AMD only for CPU's and GPU's for many years now, but I kind of lost my enthusiasm for AMD. Piledriver isn't bad, but I'd probably go for Intel next time I upgrade. I value a cool and quiet CPU.
  3. HeaveN_AkirA

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    AMD maybe next gen will grab my interest, but for now for power user obviously Intel. Yet i like 5600k/5800k for everyday usе its very attractive choice!
  4. Kilauea

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  5. robbiec

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    I''ll be getting a fX8350 just for giggles, the fun of chasing 5Ghz and being non mainstream :)
    There is something just wrong about attaching $500 worth of cooling to a $250 chip that just floats my boat :D
  6. ET3D

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    That's a good excuse, Robbie. Playing with hardware is always a good excuse. :)

    I think that I'll just stay with my Phenom II X6 for a while longer. I'm not doing anything these days which stresses my PC.
  7. ugly

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    My last two processors have been AMD. Athlon 3700+ and now I have a Phenom II X3 720. I'm not sure when I'll upgrade next but I think it's a pretty safe bet that my next processor will be Intel.

    AMD used to be a nice alternative if you didn't want to break the bank. I knew the Intel options were better when I bought my Phenom II, but the AMD was perfect for what I wanted to spend at the time. Now that doesn't seem to be the case.
  8. robbiec

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    The FX's have something going for them if you look at it as an overall platform, as more apps become multi threaded and there is greater utilisation of GPU offloading and DirectX11, then they are very very good value offerings. Plus I have not yet seen a benchmark yet with a properly tuned up FX, "oh we do like AMD, set the multiplier to XX" and away you go.. B&llocks!!, Northbridge on the chip is where the fun is at and at really tuning the memory timings till they squeak. Oh and its all unlocked :)
    Sorry for the little rant but I needed to let it out.
  9. renosablast

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    And when you price the more current Intel motherboards, and add it to the premium you pay for the Intel CPU you are significant dollars ahead of even the FX8150 / FX8350 AMD CPU and corresponding motherboard. I would rather use those dollars to upgrade other portions of a system.

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