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    Hi, I'm a little new to SSDs, been reading lots but I still have a couple questions that I hope you guys can help answer.

    How best can I format/configure my SSD when it's being used for high end video capture?

    I have a Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera. They recommend the Sandisk Extreme 480 SSD. Which I bought. I've formatted it ExFat, so it's compatible with Win7 and mac OS, as I work in a mixed environment.

    Recording, I have two options.
    1. RAW - which writes 5MB individual images to the drive, 24 or 30 times a second.
    2. 2K ProRes - which write a continuous video file that can be several GBs in size.

    Both formats are "uncompressed", but I don't know if that means the data is uncompressable when writing to ssd.

    Workflow is: camera writes files to disk, disk plugged into USB3 dock and files copied to PC, delete files from SSD, insert into camera and record again. Every so often, reformat SSD while docked.

    What allocation size should I use and does it matter what I set it to? They say set it larger number for large files, but never really discuss what they consider large files to be? I tried formatting 3 times using default, 4096 and 32K and when running Disk Test, it doesn't seem to make any difference in read/write performance?

    Is there anything I can do to ensure the performance of the drive for writing?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions :D
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    First off, base your format size on the average size of the typical output file up to the max that ExFat can handle, 32768K. Second you're limited to how fast the camera writes to the SSD and USB3 speeds to the PC.
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    But you are limited to how fast the camera writes to the SSD speeds to the PC.


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