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Discussion in 'OCZ' started by mrsandman1, Feb 15, 2011.

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    Looking at the Oct. post here,of OCZ's Toolbox to aid in install/setup, I was thinkin' this'll be great UNTIL:

    This feature only works when the drive is connected as a spare (not running Windows/OS from the drive itself) at this time.

    In the "standard" setup, affordable(small) SSD along with 1 or 2TB hard drive, Toolbox is unusable????? Or else install OS on HD,use Toolbox for firmware etc., then switch SSD to OS drive???
    It's all new to me....sorry
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    Oh my god your killing me with the red!!!! eheheh. Its a "why don't you just say it like you mean it?" situation?
  3. cosmo74

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    yea luckly the 120 I got had the newest firm ware
  4. DancinJack

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    Couldn't you just use a livecd from a linux distro?
  5. groberts101

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    Seems that was taken out of context a bit there. You just can't Secure Erase the drives(makes sense, right?) while operating from them. But yeah, they butchered the Toolbox up pretty bad prior to release. Was said to cause some issues with bricked drives. Many were dissapointed due to the ability to extend regular versions to gain extra capacity being lopped away in the release version. Personally, I just think they realized it gave too much user control to the customer and also feared for some insight into the controller and the susequent reverse engineering that may result from it. Just a hunch though.

    Still easy enough to run from a secondary OS install though. Just need to avoid the RST 10 series driver due to detection issues. Is easy to get past that too by just simply rolling back the SATA driver to the MSAHCI version. Hope that helps others to understand limitations of the tool as it's not all bad. Still not the greatest.. but not all bad. lol
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  6. Computurd

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    a tool is better than no tool :)
  7. groberts101

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    I hear that, bud. :)
  8. Computurd

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    That is actually my stock response when someone calls ME a tool LOL
  9. groberts101

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    oh, I misunderstood then. I thought you were calling ME a tool and was simply aggreeing with you! :p
  10. mmaakk

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    I never freaked about "secure erase" so far...

    Nothing that a good drill and a hammer can't solve. Unless you are going to donate the equipment.

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