My i7 3770k 2 4.7Ghz

Discussion in 'CPUs' started by The Veterant, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. The Veterant

    The Veterant Guest

    My i7 3770k @ 4.7Ghz

    Well guys after having my motherboard for 10 month now and after look and search for info. I finally got a good and stable OC with my P8Z77-V PR board. Playing BF3 with it beautifull with my (2) LSI GTX670 and 16GB GSkill Trident X 2400mhz ram. This is my OC temp and Voltage @ 4.7Ghz

    Bios3.jpg Bios2.jpg
    Good4.7G.JPG Good4.7Ghz.JPG
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  2. Sarge

    Sarge Guest

    Nice OC with that 'low' amount of voltage! And great temps too :) It's a good 3770K you've got, lucky! I could use one of those, or just a golden 3570K :p
    Did you disable any power saving features such as C1E etc.?
  3. The Veterant

    The Veterant Guest

    Thanks guy, no I did not all my C-state are set to AUTO. hey I'm in the learning stage. Learning as I go. I just want to share my experiences and learn from positive opinions. TIA, guy
  4. OS-Wiz

    OS-Wiz Guest

    Nice OC, how are you cooling the CPU? And are those temps under load, running something like Prime 95?
  5. The Veterant

    The Veterant Guest

    Wiz, as U can see above in core temp pic those are my real temp using Prime 95 yes, I can run another and post the results while Prime is running if U like. I think I just got lucky with this CPU I seen a lot of users in other forum ? Me also my outcome with this results, it's not magic, it's real, I'm not a OC just testing what I got. TIA Wiz
  6. OS-Wiz

    OS-Wiz Guest

    I don't doubt your word one bit; those are very good temps for that OC running Prime95, outstanding! Just interested what you are using for CPU cooling.
  7. The Veterant

    The Veterant Guest

    A Corsair H100i double fan pushing and pulling with original fans, a good quality CPU thermopaste. Also I'm in the process to build a proyect to see if I can get better results on the temps. I'm planning to experiment with a H80 cpu cooler but on my other rig that I have i7 970 on a Maximus 3 Gene board. And my proyect is as follow: I'm going to use water sand paper 400 and I'm going to sand the surface of the water block, then get Brasso and shine the hell of it, then clean it real good with alcohol, then use or applay the thermopaste to the CPU a drop. That's another tecnic that I have see around, drop and applay. In my humble opinion both works equal.
  8. SmogHog

    SmogHog Guest

    There's many thermal paste application methods but I recommend that if you're going to use alcohol to clean off the old paste or the Brasso I suggest you only use 100% isopropyl alcohol and not rubbing alcohol that contain aroma,antiseptic and astringent additives that will leave a residue and possibly clog the pores of the metal in the chip and heatsink.

    I use Tuniq TR-1 and Arctic TC Remover when my local pharmacy doesn't have the 100% isopropyl alcohol.

    The application method I use is termed surface spread.I use this method for all the TCs I try.

    I cover my index finger with plastic wrap to spread a small amount of the new TC over the contact surfaces of the chip and heatsink then squeegee the excess off with the straight edge of a credit card or single edge razor blade.

    The best cooling results when there's maximum metal to metal contact.The TC is only needed to replace the air in the pores,machine marks or air trapped because of non flat surface.Air is a poor heat conductor.

    I'm presently using MX-4 because my all time favorite Tuniq TX-3 is no longer available and TX-4 is not a contender.
  9. The Veterant

    The Veterant Guest

    Hey Smog I'm going to try on Ur technique to see if I can improve even more my temp, if I do I probably try to even raise my speed to 4.9 who knows 5.0 maybe, I let U know my outcomes. TIA smog.
  10. Bad_Machine

    Bad_Machine Guest

    I managed to hit 5.1 GHz stable on my system sometime ago but the voltage needed to keep it stable at that clock was exceeding 1.5V, far beyond what I would call safe. Like a fool I then went on to torture the CPU mercilessly, running repeated InterBurnTest runs on High stress level just to prove a point. I now use the Hameister/OS Wiz 'green' OC for every day tasks (currently running at a cool 4.3GHz).

    Don't punish your components unecessarily, the performance benefit between 4.3 and 4.7 will be minimal and detectable only with benchmarks. It does not justify the extra voltage needed to get you there.
  11. Igor

    Igor Guest

    Yes you can be stable six hours in Prime95,then crash while browsing,so like J.J.from "Eyzuz"(Asus):cool: said,do what you always do.Play game,do Photoshop,browse,convert video,and maybe Prime95 only ten minutes to see can voltage sustain all cores to 100% he also said that only Aida64 Stress Test understand Ive Bridge(true or false the question is now).
  12. OS-Wiz

    OS-Wiz Guest

    Not running an Ivy Bridge CPU, but here's Aida64's Stress Test I ran for about 2 mins just to give you an idea of what it provides. System was running at all stock clocks, CPU and GPUs. Wow, CPU was drawing 142 watts, and it heated up my vidcards to 73 and 69C.

  13. Igor

    Igor Guest

    Hey Wiz i dont know much about Cpu stability test programs,i just said what somebody said and i didnt said its true.So i ask you is this what you saying good or bad.And here are my results.
    Capture.JPG [​IMG]
  14. OS-Wiz

    OS-Wiz Guest

    Looks very good! Nice low CPU temps for a 4.5GHz OC and would be OK for 24/7 ops. PSU is also very good, but what struck me is that CPU is only drawing 63 watts, sweet!
  15. Bad_Machine

    Bad_Machine Guest

    Nice numbers indeed Igor!

    Veterant, try this:

    Set your CPU at 4.4GHhz and then start decreasing the voltage bit by bit. After every voltage change run a stability test for 10 min or so. If you want to use IntelBurnTest make sure to reduce the Times To Run value to 5 repetitions and leave it at Standard Stress Level. Anything higher than Standard level is just not necessary as very few programs will ever tax the CPU more than IntelBurnTest at Standard.

    Keep the voltage values written on a piece of paper and OK them after evey pass. After each five repetition pass allow 15 minutes of inactivity for the CPU to cool down from the stress of the previous test, then lower the voltage value a bit more and repeat the test.

    When the test fails for the first time keep note of the previous voltage value that didn't fail, this will now be the lowest voltage that your CPU needs at 4.4GHz. Test this value one more time just to be certain. If it passes again reboot the system, go to your BIOS/UEFI, set the voltage according to this lowest pass value, then save this as your 'green' OC BIOS profile. If you are saving multiple such profiles for different overclocks make sure you give them descriptive names, so you can see at a glance the clock/voltage of each profile e.g.: GreenOC@4.4@1.235

    You can use this methodology to discover the minimum voltage requirements for any given CPU clock.
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  16. The Veterant

    The Veterant Guest

    Hey Bad Machine thanks for the very nice described process. Yes I'm going to follow ur advice to underclock my CPU to 4.4 I don't need that much of juice to play BF3 and any other game, I always thought by having a very nice OC game computer I could do better in games but I just find out that is not always the case. But anyway that's a good advice and I will take it as it is. But I will save this OC for Benching and bragging ones in while. Also the other day I went ahead and did tray to raise the speed of my ram to 2600Mhz by increasing the voltage of the VCCSA @ 1.20 and the VCCIO @ 1.20 also and had the computer boot to Windows but when I tray to run Prime 95 the computer lock up on me, froze, I had to do a hard reset and clear CMOS. I believe what happens now that U mention after set my OC to 4.7 and rerun Prime 95 to make sure everything was in order I did let the computer to idle for a while before to go ahead and increase the Ram clock and retest, and probably that's way it lock up on me, but anyways I'm not going to do that again cause mr UEFI Raid 0 set that I had setup it keeps BSOD on me on every reboot. Right now I'm using my other Raid 0 set Legacy boot. Probably I will tray when ever ASUS decide to come out with Bios update that said improved memory compatibility

    Hey guy I want to make a comment on one of country's heroes and that is ANDY Murray, runner up in the Australian Open, do U think he could win this yeras Wimbledon?
  17. Bad_Machine

    Bad_Machine Guest

    You're welcome Vet. Andy plays the best tennis of his life currently, but there is a legend in the making in the form of Djokovic. Nadal has been out of circulation for a while with knee problems and the illness that forced him to withdraw from the Oz open - it remains to be seen if he will be in full form by next summer. Federer is at the beginning of his natural decline - but he could always have a great day and he is capable to demolish any of them. Theoretically speaking: Djokovic vs Murray. Ferrer (who is on a comeback to 4th place again) is the wildcard. But any of those guys can do it. The catalyst will be how much of his previous form Nadal will be able to restore in the next few months.
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  18. The Veterant

    The Veterant Guest

    I agree with U guy I follow those guys and always is nice to whatch those guys playing, I let U know what my outcome are ones I down clock the CPU. see U around guy take care.

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