LSI 9265-i8 8 X Intel 520 SSD's benchmarks..

Discussion in 'SSD Benchmark Locker' started by tabby, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. tabby

    tabby Guest

    Benc-LSI9265i8-8xIntel520SSD-2.jpg View attachment 5957 Hi I finally got away from the Highpoint 2720, because it didn't work with my 8 new drives and got myself the 9265-i8.
    My system are:
    Intel 2600K OC 5.000 Mhz and 8 Gb 2133 Mhz ram and a gigabyte z68xud7 motherboard, the card is in pcie x16 1 port and the gfx in the next pciex16 port.
    Is these numbers okay?, I know the motherboard is with the NF2000 chip...

    PS:I have updated the benc and im using these settings on the card:
    64 Kbite stripe size
    Alwayd read ahead
    Alwayd write ahead
    Cached IO
    Cache Enabled
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  2. groberts101

    groberts101 Guest

    the image is too small to see and does not open to a larger one when clicked.

    The little I can see looks like you have not configured the cards write cache properly.
  3. Computurd

    Computurd Guest

    lookls good, man that is a dream system! a few things....

    have you considered fastpath? those 4k randoms will shoot through the ceiling with it.

    second, what are your settings on the card for the array (read ahead, direct i/o, etc)? if you dont mind :)
  4. tabby

    tabby Guest

    Im not so sure about Fastpatch, I have read about peple where it didn't do anything for them..
    My settings are:
    64 Kbite stripe size
    Alwayd read ahead
    Alwayd write ahead
    Cached IO
    Cache Enabled
  5. The SSD Guy

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    Paul is probably the nets closest representation to a 'Fast Path' expert and I would bet he could clarify misgivings you may have, even through identifying why it is not working for others that you may be aware of.
  6. alan1476

    alan1476 Guest

    I will see what the Asrock Eleven X79 with the embedded LSI controller has , it may even be bootable from the LSI ports. The only thing I am concerned about is pricing on that board, I have heard rumors of 600.00USD.
  7. Zaxx

    Zaxx Guest

    The Asrock 11 is gonna be a treat no doubt for those with the $$$. As fast as the onboard LSI will prolly be I don't think it'll hold a candle to a 'proper' raid card running 8 ssds (esp with fastpath enabled). If they go too crazy with the 11's price I could see people opting for a standard X79 board and buying a good lsi card for nearly the same price. Guess only time will tell.
  8. groberts101

    groberts101 Guest

    $600, or even a bit more, sounds about right for the extreme 11 when you consider there are already a few premium X79 boards nearing the $500 mark. Even if that thing runs well past $600 it should still be cheaper than adding a raidcard to an already expensive platform considering that most decent cards will run more than $500 alone.

    I'm also rather optimistic about that LSI 2308 chips performance as well. Especially with PCI-E 3.0 and 600,000 IOPS listed in its spec's over at LSI. Remains to be seen whether or not the onboard solution will leverage those capabilities.. but still.

    I also see that HP is using it in at least one of their workstations so far too.
    HP Z820 Workstation (DUMHPZ820PRE) specifications - HP Products and Services Products
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  9. doorules

    doorules Guest

    Groberts101, any idea if these ports off the lsi chip will be bootable. Can find no where that it mentions that they will be, can't just assume they are bootable.
  10. Zaxx

    Zaxx Guest

    Guess that's the $64,000 question it seems. Would be a major bummer if it's not. :/
  11. groberts101

    groberts101 Guest

    I have no idea, bud. Surely LSI has made it possible on the HBA's that it would implement that chip on so it should go without saying that it's able to do so on their hardware.

    I can only assume that possibility would be up to ASRock, or any other vendor who would decide to use that same LSI chip, as it would surely just be down to writing the proper CMOS code for it to be able to do so. Would be downright silly if they wouldn't give us that option since most would not be using SSD storage solutions at this juncture of SSD pricing and would be much more interested and likely to use that chip for raiding SSD for an OS volume. Then again.. it's all about product placement these days and they may still want us to buy dedicated cards while using this onboard solution for fast storage.

    Sure wouldn't be the first time we got duped by some dopey engineer who doesn't actually even use this these things in real usage scenarios. I'm seriously considering this board since I was planning on adding another raidcard to my upcoming X79 build and this would eliminate much clutter while still ending up about the same price or cheaper. Now I just need to figure out how to fit 8 more drives in my heavily modded(hotswap gutted) Corsair 800D case since 22 drives is already pushing it as it is. lol
  12. doorules

    doorules Guest

    Easy, take the sides off like mine and let gear spill out. :D
  13. groberts101

    groberts101 Guest

    yeah.. tell me about it! I already have that same problem since I test and reconfigure so often as it is. lol

    Unfortunately, the 800D has dedicated cooling/wire mgmt on one side so I cant do much unless I get the metal shears out again. :p

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