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Discussion in 'CPUs' started by Igor, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. Igor

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    Does somebody knows?
    I menage to get stable 102.3 x 44 on offset voltage with -0.005.When its in load i got 1,264v,BUT i need to put LLC on Extreme(100%) or it is not stable.So is it danger to have it on Extreme LLC if voltage reach only 1,264?
    Just for the record,if i put LLC on to Very High(75%) voltage reach only 1,230 in load and system is not stable.
  2. OS-Wiz

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    Hi Igor, LLC is provided in the BIOS to offset Vdroop. If you aren't familiar with Vdroop, it is the difference between the voltage set in the BIOS and the voltage measured when at idle or under load and is always lower than that set in the BIOS. This is due to losses in the VRMs and other components in the voltage path to the CPU. At the voltages you are at, I wouldn't think you'll have any problems with your LLC setting. Also, both Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge don't handle BCLK overclocking well. Were I you, I'd set LLC at 75%, run the BCLK at 100 stock, and use nothing but the CPU multiplier and CPU voltage to OC.
    Finally, try this: leave CPU at stock voltage and just keep bumping up the multi one click at a time. Test each new multi setting with Prime 95 Blend test for stability and CPU temp. You might be very surprised at how high you get at stock voltage. In this manner, you'll have found a very safe 24/7 OC.
    I use RealTemp to monitor CPU and GPU temps; good free app.
  3. Igor

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    Thx OS-Wiz,this is only why that i could get normal voltage in offset mode(by the why i know how to manual overclock:cool:).If i go with 100 x 45 in offset mode without + or - i get 1.376v and that is with LLC on Regular 0%.That is to much like you know,that is voltage for 100 x 49 when you manual overclock.
    But anyway tnx again.

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