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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ugly, Jun 11, 2012.

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    I'm absolutely sick and disgusted by having to deal with inkjet printers. Nothing makes me more angry at an inanimate object than my current Epson printer. I got it for free with a digital camera I bought a couple years ago, and I still feel ripped off.

    The thing is never ready to work when I need it to. It drinks ink. Even by buying cheap remanufactured ink I've easily dumped a couple hundred into this piece of garbage over the last couple years. And, the worst is when you want to use it after a long period of inactivity and all the ink is dry.

    So I'm thinking of moving to a laser printer. I know they're more expensive, but I think I'll recover the cost in not having to buy ink cartridges all the time. I tend to print in spurts, so a lot of printing for a couple weeks, then not again for a couple months.

    So anyone have good recommendations on reliable laser printers? I think I'll be okay with monochrome. I rarely print in colour. I don't have a separate scanner so having a multifunction would be nice, and I don't want anything huge.

    This little one from Samsung looks nice. But it seems hard to find. One online shop in Canada had it, and it was like $200, which is probably more than I want to spend.
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    I have a Samsung color laser CLX-3175 that works great wired or wireless over the network.

    I also have an older black only Samsung SCX-4200 on which I refill the toner cartridge and replace the chip when needed.Even without replacing the chip it still works.

    The color laser chips can't be replaced or reset so it's just buying new ones when needed.

    New models are made to be harder to refill.

    Printer companies make a ton of money off the ink and toner sales so they often sell the printer close to cost.New laser printers often have reduced size toner cartridge(s) to keep the buying cost down and get you to buy a replacement sooner..

    I've had inkjets that were cheaper to buy new than buy a new full set of cartridges.
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    One thing worth noting with printers is that the printer price is inversely proportional to the running cost, so generally the cheaper the printer, the more you'll spend on ink or toner. Freebie printers tend to be the worst offenders.

    For laser printers, my suggestion is to check the toner capacity and cost of the toner cartridge. The page rating is pretty accurate as laser printers do not waste toner like inkjets do during their cleaning cycle. Unfortunately, many entry level laser printers disable the toner cartridge as "run out" after a certain page count, while many printers around the 30 page-per-minute mark will continue printing until the print fades. The advantage here is that quite often you can get several hundred more pages printed just by removing the toner cartridge, shaking it and putting it back in. Try that with an inkjet. :p

    For Inkjet printers, this test site compares the cost per page for B&W, Colour and 4x6" photos and does show some serious rip-offs, e.g. the Lexmark X4850 has 5 times the monochrome running cost of several other printers! However, these reports apply to using official cartridges, so while the Kodak printers appear to have the cheapest running costs, there doesn't appear to be compatible "Kodak 30" cartridges, unlike other printer models tested.

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