Kingston Firmware 5.0.3

Discussion in 'Kingston' started by SmogHog, Aug 25, 2012.

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    I put my HyperX 120Gb in a build I'm doing (it's been sitting around ever since I upgraded my systems to Samsung 830's) and installed this toolbox but can't find anyway in it to update the firmware.

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    Thanks. Is giving a fatal error message when i try to update (from 332abff0) 00000057 is the code.


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    nevr mind. Found that this system had the AMD AHCI driver, switched to Microsoft's and it updated. Any issues if I switch back to the AMD driver or should I leave it with the MS one? Board is a Biostar A75MH.

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    If you are using a single drive, the Microsoft default driver is probably fine to use. If you were using two (or more) of these drives in a RAID array utilizing the motherboard's RAID option, then you would need to use the AMD ones.
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