Jamstik Guitar Controller - Rock Out On The Go!

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    Have you ever wanted a way to learn the guitar that was easier than traditional methods? Or have you ever wanted a way to input some of your riffs into Garageband? That's where Zivix has come up with a nifty gadget called the Jamstik Guitar controller.The Jamstik is the second product from... Posted By - Alex Stevens

    Jamstik Guitar Controller - Rock Out On The Go! | Technology X

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    I recently took up the guitar and travel with work. I don't really trust the TSA with my Taylor so I am hoping this will be the tool I need to practice on the road. It is a bit of late Christmas present to myself and I can't wait to get it in! I do wish the lefty model didn't seem like such an after thought but I think it will get the job done! I would not have ordered had it not been for your video. Thank You! Plex Kodi Lucky Patcher
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