Intel Management Engine Interface Update

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by SmogHog, Jul 8, 2012.

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    What is the Intel MEI?

    The MEI provides thermal management for Intel® Desktop Boards. The Intel® Management Engine Interface (Intel® ME Interface) is the interface between the Intel® Management Engine firmware and the host. Drivers and applications on the host that wish to interact with Intel® Management Engine through host interface would use the Intel® ME Interface host windows driver.

    I recently installed v8.1.0.1191 beta updating from v8.0.0.1262

    All is well.

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    Just tried installing MEI again...same as last time, it kills my 4k writes, 4k 4QD & 32QD reads and writes...4QD is usually ~160 whilst on OS duty, after MEI installation it dropped to ~100. I read somewhere that you should use the RSTe drivers with it but it also is slower. Really don't need it if it's gonna clip me like that...pfft.
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    Well sorry guys I'm going to jump in, in this thread cause I'm kind off interested. I recently seen an improvement on my Z77-v Premium board's post time.
    I explain my self, before updating my Bios MEI firmware from 8.0 ver. to 8.1 ver from ASUS web site which requires to have the most current driver on Windows install, I was noticing a decrease on the post time from a cold boot. Before was 10sec. now is 4 or 5 sec post time then the rest of the boot time process takes 27sec. on a Raid 0 setup. Since I have experience this and now that your guys have mention this, is this could be possible to this new firmware update, cause I have read in others article that this is very important on Windows 8. Have anybody with a Z77 chipset have seen a decrease time on their board post time? thanks in advance and sorry for my post if this is not related to what is just discuss in this post.

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