Insane score,is it truth.

Discussion in 'SSD Benchmark Locker' started by Igor, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Igor

    Igor Guest

    What do you think about this score is it Photoshop or truth.I find it on Crucial forum. IS IT.PNG
  2. parsec

    parsec Guest

    It's the 4K QD 64 Read result that is very unusual, and the single 4K result is remarkable.

    My two 128GB M4's in RAID 0 are in the mid 400MBs for 4K QD 64 Read speeds, so that result is hard to believe. AS SSD seems to be influenced by whatever is happening on the PC more than other benchmarks, given my experience with it, but I don't see how that one result can be so high.
  3. groberts101

    groberts101 Guest

    Marvell based drives use DRAM cache and the results can easily be skewed by the various R/W algorithms implemented by the DRAM. And Windows accellerators too, for that matter.

    IOW,.. good luck getting that same speed over multiple runs.
  4. parsec

    parsec Guest

    Indeed, this is true. I've had some incredible AS SSD Copy-Bench results from my M4's, and pretty good consistency at times, but never what can be called truly consistent. At other times results are way off.
  5. alan1476

    alan1476 Guest

    I don't believe it for a second, that SSD is old tech now, there is no way other than the software is not reading the drive correctly, and in that case there is something wrong with the drive and the whole result is skewed.
  6. m.oreilly

    m.oreilly Guest

    both 4k reads are way too tall for this drive.
  7. doorules

    doorules Guest

    Every so often as ssd throws one of these score up, good for a laugh.

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