I would like Idea's on the best way to get SSD's and HD's to work together.

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    Hello. I'm a new guy and in the beginning stages of a new computer build. I haven't built a computer in a while so I am a bit out of touch with the best agreed upon solutions. My build will be targeting awesome performance but not ultra performance. So I will be looking for a motherboard with preferably 2 U.2 or M.2 slots. If only one I would get a Pcie to M.2 / U.2 adaptor. I really want to raid (0) through the fastest connections available.
    The raid (0) drives (500 gig to 1 terabyte) would contain my O.S first, but part of my question is what other type of files should I consider placing on the boot drive. Once I have my raid zero setup, I want to have another pair of ssds for backup, so my raid (zero) would evolve into a raid (10). Now comes the fun part, I want to also have at least two hdd's for pure storage or for the types of programs that you suggest would run fine on less than fastest performance. I would more than likely place videos and audio files on the hdd.

    Since computers today can be installed with up to 64gb ram, a swap file may not come into play, but if a windows installation used a swap file, where would be the best place to put it? The Hdd's or should I partition the raided ssd's for use as a swap file or would this place too much activity on the ssd.

    So I am asking for your suggestion for the best way to setup a new computer system with 2/m.2 ss'd's , 2/sata ssd's and two sata hdd's. If this wouldn't work then what suggestion would you give to someone with 4/m.2 ssd's and 2/sata hdd's?

    What configuration would you recommend, even if I have to drop an idea or include something that I did'nt think about?

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    Seems to me you are making this a bit. Infusing but....find yourself a mono that is recent and accepts M2 SSDs...I would go with ASRock as we use them exclusively here. Next, find a M2 SSD for a boot drive that will give you the performance you need. Install a fresh Windows on the new system and then introduce your additional drives to the system, setting them up however you like. There are times that users have problems getting the Boot drive recognized when others are attached initially.

    To get even more specific to what you describe...take a look at our reports using the ASRock Extreme 11...It provides additional SATA ports for your needs.

    Lastly, if this helped in any way, don't be afraid to use our links to Amazon for your purchases...every bit counts you know.

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