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  1. Bad_Machine

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    Hi all

    A couple of days ago my Corsair Hydro H100 stopped working. I opened the case up and realized that the the man icon on the unit is lit. Pressing the button normally changes the speed setting but this has now stopped working.

    I reset the unit following Corsair's instructions but it's still no good, so it looks like my Hydro has crapped out (it's not even 6 months old). Funilly enough the fans turn on during post, then they turn themselves off before Windows starts loading. I have now reset the mobo to default settings and stopped using the machine for obvious reasons... I have notified Scan asking for a replacement - so far their customer services and tech support have been excellent.
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  2. Hameister

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    Hi Mr. Bad_Guy,

    I made the change per your request.

    Hope you're able to sort out this issue. Let us know how you make out. Many folks on these forums also use the H100, myself included.
  3. OS-Wiz

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    Oh no Mr Bad, sorry to hear about the H100 fan controller failure. That's only the second time I've heard of an issue with the H100 -- the other was a leak. Hope things work out soon for you.
  4. Bad_Machine

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    Thank you guys, I just got an e-mail from Scan saying that they'll send a tech with a replacemement unit sometime next week. Once again great after-sales support from Scan. I'm just unlucky to have a unit that failed so soon. Or lucky because it's still under guarantee. I can't decide which, probably both!
  5. Hameister

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    The stupid thing could have failed 2 months out of warranty. Frankly, I haven't been as impressed with the H100 as most folks. When I'm benching, and sometimes while gaming, those fans start to scream.

    Seems like they're at full speed around 48c. I wish there was a way I could raise the trigger temp to about 53c, it would make a world of difference.

    I think I'll be going back to very solid, and reliable, air very soon. Even if the temps are a few degrees higher, I really don't care.

    Hope your new H100 works well.

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