How to keep your iPhone performance the same as new:

Discussion in 'Tablets & Phones' started by Sash, Nov 2, 2012.

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    If you are a recent iPhone user you will find my practice very useful:

    I’ve noticed since 2008 my iPhones’ performance goes down considerably when having the storage memory filled near full capacity. I started using the same PC storage drive practice on my iPhones by using no more than 50% of max capacity, and that keeps the performance of my iPhones the same as it was new right out of the box the day I bought them.

    However, there are times I nearly fully loaded the iPhones with apps, audio, video and pics, but, then I transfer the files to my computer soon after I get home. I keep only the apps in use for that season: ie. Sport tournament apps etc. I also clear out the Social App documents that can accumulate into many GigaBytes! Only videos, pics and voice memos I want to use and possibly alter with an app filter for a social network remain on the iPhone. Same with songs. I don't keep my music library on my iPhone, just a few play lists for the season, mood, workouts or travelling. Christmas is coming so Frank, Dean and Michael (Buble) will be added to get into the spirit of Christmas before snowfall.
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    I think you make good points that are made on this site often. I hope your experment of keeping 50% unused does not apply to my 830. If it does you will not be the first to say so.

    How much "storage" do you have on that over priced little gadget? I ask because I have a 16GB GIII with a 32GB SDcard.

    I do think you are on to something. Do not get me wrong. My US GIII has twice the RAM of the International version. Mine has a dual core the International has quad. Funny how my system benches close to the International.

    As always Apple sells higher priced but lower hardware. I am certain that it is a "multi" system stress. Because Apple shorted, all your space becomes "primary".

    I guess sad to see you have to do this. But I do believe. Good luck. But don't blame the Nand when the problem is the RAM. This does go for both Android and iPhones.
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    Good tip Sash.

    Personally I have always disliked Apple and the fact that once you get one of their products you'll have to go through Apple for everything. The Samsung S3 is a superior phone IMO. I'm also looking forward to the forthcoming Xperia Z (which will be my next phone). Apparently its camera is fantastic and it would work nicely under low light conditions too. Plus, it's waterproof.

    Once you convert into an Android phone/tablet you'll never look back. So much more diversity and choice out there.
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    I hate all things apple. I think the Ipad is alright, but when I heard they where making a phone, I had to have one.
  5. Thank you for the tip. Somehow it gave me some ideas on how to have a good maintenance in my phone.

    I can quite relate to this one, I am also amazed on Adroid phones.

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