Help: Installing A Modded (Unlocked?) BIOS

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by mlauzon, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. mlauzon

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    I am looking to install the Insyde 1.12 Unlocked BIOS for my Acer Aspire V3-771G, I currently have the stock version of the Insyde 1.12 BIOS installed, so I am unsure if I can actually install what amounts to the same BIOS, although unlocked, over it.

    The stock BIOS can be installed directly from within Windows and also has a DOS installer as well, but I am not sure about the unlocked BIOS. Here is a screenshot of the files within the zip file for the unlocked BIOS:


    The BIOS itself can be found for download here:

    There are no instructions in the zip archive, which I think is just stupid!

    Can anyone give me an idea of how to do this, because I assume there are people here who have installed unlocked BIOS in their PCs before?
  2. OS-Wiz

    OS-Wiz Guest

    I guess the first question one must ask is how you think the "unlocked" will help? To do what?
    If done correctly, during a BIOS flash the BIOS CMOS chip is first completed wiped, then the "new" BIOS is flashed in.
  3. renosablast

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    This is generally not a good idea. Manufacturers occasionally update their BIOS to resolve functionality and compatibility issues. Using what would amount to a bootleg BIOS version would likely render it non-updateable. Too much of any PC or laptop's usability relies on a dependable BIOS to gamble on a non-approved version. That's my opinion, but you will likely find it to be the prevalent one.
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