Getting rid of deleted files and their names and TRIM not working?

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    I am in the process of trying to learn how to accomplish the following:
    1. On an SSD drive, clean the free space of the MFT, but not do a wipe free space on the hard disk
    Why, because I want to make sure the deleted files are securely deleted, and the file names are either garbled or do not show up at all, but I would not want to wipe the free space to prevent unnecessary wear and tear. Or maybe I must also wipe the free space?

    2. I thought that the TRIM would take care of the thing I want to accomplish. But it seems at least that on my computer it does not! When I run Recuva to show me deleted files, it gives me a huge list of files with their file names, and many of them are recoverable fully.
    maybe my TRIM is not working?
    Or I misunderstand what TRIP is supposed to do?

    When I run the Trimcheck 0.7 the result is always something like this>

    TRIM check v0.7 - Written by Vladimir Panteleev

    Loading continuation data from C:\Users\CompDesignsAdmin\Downloads\trimcheck-cont.json...
    Drive path : \\.\C:
    Offset : 144574431232
    Random data : CD 67 A9 53 75 C5 A9 94 A2 3C A1 7A 00 91 48 91...

    Reading raw volume data...
    Opening \\.\C:...
    Seeking to position 144574431232...
    Reading 16384 bytes...
    First 16 bytes: 6A 26 60 06 10 37 B5 70 DB 31 A8 9C 8F 62 3B 0D...
    Data is neither unchanged nor empty.
    Possible cause: another program saved data to disk,
    overwriting the sector containing our test data.

    Re-run this program and wait less before verifying / try to
    minimize writes to drive C:.

    So instead of the deleted space being filled with zeroes it is filled with something else.

    My system:
    Samsung EVO 850 500 G on SATA 6.0
    Thinkpad W520 with Intel I7
    Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

    Samsung Magician says the Trim is on.
    That Windows CMD command to find if Trim is on gives a zero which means it is on.

    I am kind of confused. MUST I run the wipe the clean space on the SSD disk to get rid of the file names showing up in the system? Then that does not sound good thinking about preventing unnecessary wear and tear. :-(

    Thanks for good input on this

    Trying to learn

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