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    I have two SSD drives and both of them have the same problem as compared to traditional hard disks.
    Namely, when I move any file from one place to another with the computer mouse, the file itself does move, but an apparent "copy" or original version of this file stays in the point of origin. For example, say I move an .mp3 file from the computer desktop into a folder. The file will re-locate to the folder, but the same file will also remain on the computer desktop. I don't have this problem with traditional hard drives, just both SSD drives.

    Note that it could be any file (mp3, jpg, MS Word, etc) but the result is always the same.
    And the relocation could be from any two points within the SSD Drive.

    One SSD drive is a Mac Mini and the other one is within a Mac Pro desktop computer.
    Both computers are up to date with the OS X and both drives do not show any problems with the disk themselves. My goal is to move files around the SSD drive without a copy being produced during the file moving process.

    Has anyone else had this kind of problem with SSD drives?
    Thanks for any tips on how to fix this file moving problem from one location to another.

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