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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by FiftyOne, Apr 22, 2011.

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    Remembering back, I think there was a jmicron drive that utilised 2 controllers on the same NAND to help speed it up (by memory it was still rather ****) but I'm wondering if it's simple to implement & why more manufacturers haven't done it.

    Interestingly, I was wondering why platter technology hadn't moved forward to include a second set of heads of the other side of the platters (2 sets of arms) that would work both in unison & separate to half the access time & increase throughput. I imagine this would be a cheapish way to improve throughput
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    I believe you may be thinking of a PCI-E card SSD with dual controllers and RAID -- forgot maker, might have been OCZ.

    In the late 70s, IBM tried dual actuators, didn't cut it at that time and didn't last long. But now its probably cost prohibitive as the actuator is probably the most expensive part of an HDD.
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    No I'm fairly sure it was a dual controller non raided single drive. To the idea, could dual controllers access the same NAND

    In terms of cost for the actuators, I imagined the heads, arms & servo could be fairly cheap as now you've doubled your buying power & significantly improve speed. That said, I forsee a Market wasteland soon for drives, eg you buy a hdd for storage & a ssd for the os & apps for speed. I might start another thread about that issue actually
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    Sure, given the correct firmware. However, you really wouldn't benefit much running on a single port/channel using typical home/hobbyist operating systems (OS). The OS can drive many I/Os to a port, but they are queued up and serviced one at a time on IDE and ACHI ports. SCSI and SAS on commercial grade channels can handle up to 15 I/Os, given each fetch was from a different drive (rarely occurs and the port bandwidth would really reduce throughput trying to handle 15 I/Os at the same time).
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    Plextor makes enterprise class SSD's that are dual port, so i imagine they as well must have dual controllers. they smoke everything out there quite literally when it comes to speed. as a matter of fact, they are the ssds that LSI use for testing, as they are the only current ones they can get to touch the speed on the next gen raid cards they are developing, very interesting stuff :)
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