Core i7 3930K on Asus P9X79 PRO: Cool and stable @ 4.9GHz

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Bad_Machine, Dec 7, 2011.

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    The monstie is here. Great job by Scan, OCed at 4.7. I need to install Windows and set it up, I'll do this tomorrow. Despite all those fans the thing is really quiet, I was surprised about this. The air exhausting also feels very cool, it's brilliant. The chassis looks great! You can't tell from photos, photos don't really do it any justice. It looks MUCH better in real life. Here's some pics anyway:
    S1031182_Xe847.JPG s S1031181.JPG : S1031174_Xe847.JPG
    S1031176.JPG S1031177.JPG
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    Nice lookin' system, enjoy! You'll have to update your "just another sucky signature" now, hehe ...
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    Wow, Bad_Machine - very nice job! I particularly like the backside view - where there's only 1 fan... :p the red cable (?) bordering it is perfect!

    Interior looks great, too - I'm curious, though - are you getting an optical drive?

    BTW I forgot where, but the other day I saw a case that takes 9 side panel fans!!!

    (not as nice of one as yours, though)
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  4. Hameister

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    Well, I'll take a chance without your approval...

    Pro: The chassis is very cool, I like the fact that it's finish painted inside. Con: It's not mine.

    Pro: The AX1200 cables have been cut to the required length, eliminating the need to cable manage behind the motherboard panel. Con: Mine are not.

    Pro: The 6 x 120mm side spinners are very cool. Con: I only have 4.

    Pro: Your fan loaded side panel contains sound deadening foam. Con: Mine does not.

    Pro: Your motherboard has a socket with 2,011 pins. Con: Mine only has 1,366.

    Pro: Your CPU is faster than my CPU. Con: That's not very considerate.

    Pro: My graphic cards are faster than yours. Con: HA!

    All kidding aside, it's a great looking rig, that's loaded with goodies. I hope you have many years of trouble free enjoyment with it. Thank Lynda for her patience.

    When you have time, please run Heaven 2.5 and 3Dmark11, and Vantage. Use the software's default settings. I'd like to compare them to mine to get an idea of just how much technology has marched on since my 930 ruled.

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  5. Bad_Machine

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    Core i7 3930K on Asus P9X79 PRO: My first tests at 4.7GHz stable

    At last it's almost finished. I say almost because I still haven't pushed for the magic 5GHz threshold. Looks like I'll need to push voltages beyond what I consider comfortable in order to hit the fiver (if it's capable to get there) - so I think I'll wait for a mobo update first, hoping that power distribution will be optimized further in a future release.

    Anyway, here's a rundown of the system:
    • In Win Dragon Rider chassis with six 120mm Akasa Viper fans on the left side panel
    • Asus P9X79 PRO
    • Corsair AX1200 PSU
    • Core i7 3930K
    • Corsair Hydro H100 cooler with two additional 120mm Akasa Vipers in push/pull config.
    • Two Point Of View GTX560 Ti Ultra Charged cards (2GB - 4008MHz GDDR5 - GPU=910 - Shader=1820) SLi mode 16x16
    • 32GB Corsair Vengeance RAM [PC3-12800 (1600), CAS 9-9-9-24, XMP, 1.5V] (CML16GX3M4A1600C9 & CML16GX3M4A1600C9B)
    • OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS 120GB SSD
    Win7 x64 Ultimate SP1 is installed with all latest drivers added, services optimized and no additional apps installed yet. No Windows updates done yet.

    My initial benches are at a stable 4.7GHz with all other hardware @stock. RAM command is at 2N (will try 1N later for comparison). I also plan to reset the CPU to default clock in a few days and run benches again to compare.

    What I'm really happy about is the fact that I'm now using an ultra-fast 24400MB ramdisk. I have tested and benched four of the most popular ramdisk programs:

    • Dataram RAMDisk v3.5.130R20 FREEWARE (they give you a full license if you buy RAM from them)
    • StarWind Virtual RAM Drive Emulator FREEWARE
    • ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver v1.5.3 built 14 Nov 2011 FREEWARE
    • Primo Ramdisk Pro v5.1.0 (VSuite Ramdisk II)-TRIAL
    For me the best out of those were the last two because they allow for a large RAMdisk size - something that is essential when you have 32gig to play with. I really like ImDisk but I wanted a program that auto-initializes the drive at every restart without the use of an image file and auto-creates TEMP and other folders; so in the end I went for the Primo Pro trial which has such features.

    Primo is by far the most feature-rich one and it also has a very cool feature: Dynamic Memory Management (DMM). When a virtual disk is created only a minimum amount of memory is actually allocated. When the allocated memory amount is not enough for newly added data, the driver automatically acquires more memory. If a virtual disk is formatted with NTFS, this feature is also able to release the corresponding memory when a file is deleted. It also emulates both SCSI and Direct-IO virtual disks (with the latter providing slightly faster transfer rates). Primo Pro allows a maximum disk size of 24GB and can create hybrid disks, meaning you can assign a part of the ramdisk to a real system disk, and another part to RAM. When creating the virtual disk there is a slider between RAM and local disk which allows you to change the balace between the two - another very cool feature. I just wish I had their Server Edition which allows you to use as much RAM as you want for the virtual disk. On a 64Gig RAM system you could create a ramdisk of 58GB leaving 6gig for the system, it would feel like having a small ultra-fast SSD in your hands.

    So, lets start with the Primo RAMdisk benches. The results pretty much stunned me. This is taken with a 24400MB Direct-IO static RAMdisk (no DMM, naturally with NTFS compression and indexing disabled):

    Primo Ramdisk v5.1.0 Professional Edition (VSuite Ramdisk II) - DIRECT-IO (LOGICAL)-NTFS-50.jpg Primo Ramdisk v5.1.0 Professional Edition (VSuite Ramdisk II) - DIRECT-IO (LOGICAL)-NTFS-100.jpg Primo Ramdisk v5.1.0 Professional Edition (VSuite Ramdisk II) - DIRECT-IO (LOGICAL)-NTFS-500.jpg Primo Ramdisk v5.1.0 Professional Edition (VSuite Ramdisk II) - DIRECT-IO (LOGICAL)-NTFS-1000.jpg Primo Ramdisk v5.1.0 Professional Edition (VSuite Ramdisk II) - DIRECT-IO (LOGICAL)-NTFS-2000.jpg Primo Ramdisk v5.1.0 Professional Edition (VSuite Ramdisk II) - DIRECT-IO (LOGICAL)-NTFS-4000.jpg ANVIL Primo Ramdisk v5.1.0 Professional Edition (VSuite Ramdisk II) - DIRECT-IO (LOGICAL)-NTFS.png ATTO - Primo Ramdisk v5.1.0 Professional Edition (VSuite Ramdisk II) - DIRECT-IO (LOGICAL)-NTFS.jpg

    ATTO results are a bit flaky but I suspect this is down to the way ATTO works more than anything else.

    Will submit more benches later on.
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  6. OS-Wiz

    OS-Wiz Guest

    If your BIOS is anything close to mine (P8P67 Pro Rev 3.1) leave everything on Auto except the CPU multi, set it at 50, and it might boot up; that's all I had to do!!!!! But I'm reading where the 3930K tops out around 4.8 if you get a good one.

    Now, I installed the trail version of Primo RAMDisk -- so how do we exploit it????? Does the app just automatically cache all I/O to it? Can't find info on how it works.

    Anvil Ramdisk.jpg

  7. Bad_Machine

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    Nice result OS. I wish it would be so easy on the X79 to get to 5GHz. I suppose we have to let the BIOS mature but I'm still not very optimistic. I think you're right about 4.8 being more or less the roof for these CPUs.

    For me 4.7 is stable on manual vcore 1.410V, (with the board auto-pushing a little bit higher to 1.420). 2600K users have been hitting 5hz on 1.445, but of course this is a 6-core so it needs more juice. I could try pushing up to 1.5 Vcore - any more than that would be like playing voltage chicken with my mobo. Frankly I don't see the point ATM. Maybe when the thing runs out of warranty, of if there is a decent BIOS release that is proven to optimize consumption further...

    Regarding Primo I don't know the ins and outs of how their driver works, but the thing is that it works really well. Maybe their forums would be a good place to ask questions. I did some recoding between the ramdisk and the ssd, and it flies. I think I'll split the ramdisk into two smaller ones in order to take the ssd out of the equation. Recoding from ramdisk to ramdisk should be awesome. Sort of makes me sorry I didn't go for 64Gig RAM lol...
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  8. Bad_Machine

    Bad_Machine Guest

    My Vertex 3 benches, comments welcome. If you guys see anything that may be less than optimal, please share! The first HDTune pro graph looks pretty sucky...

    ANVIL OCZ-VERTEX3 MI ATA Device_120GB_1GB-20111215-1958.png


    ANVIL OCZ-VERTEX3 MI ATA Device_120GB_1GB-20111215-2027-INCOMPRESSIBLE.png

    as-ssd-bench OCZ-VERTEX3 MI A 14.12.2011 01-43-06.png as-copy-bench OCZ-VERTEX3 MI A 14.12.2011 01-44-41.png as-compr-bench OCZ-VERTEX3 MI A 14.12.2011 01-45-33.png ATTO.jpg HD Tune Pro 5.00 01.png HD Tune Pro 5.00 02.png HD Tune Pro 5.00 03.png HD Tune Pro 5.00 04.png HD Tune Pro 5.00 05.png CrystalDiskInfo v4.1.3-OCZ.jpg SSDLife.png CrystalDiskMark v3.0.1b1-OCZ-50.jpg CrystalDiskMark v3.0.1b1-OCZ-100.jpg CrystalDiskMark v3.0.1b1-OCZ-500.jpg CrystalDiskMark v3.0.1b1-OCZ-1000.jpg CrystalDiskMark v3.0.1b1-OCZ-2000.jpg CrystalDiskMark v3.0.1b1-OCZ-4000.jpg
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  9. OS-Wiz

    OS-Wiz Guest

    Nice benches on those SSDs, sweet!

    It looks like it automatically set up caching my boot drive and User files, more as I find out more:

    Primo RAMDisk boot drive.jpg
  10. Bad_Machine

    Bad_Machine Guest

    I didn't realize this is what you meant, yes it has the option to change the user variables for you. I wish mDisk could add similar options, it's also a great little proggie and free too but it needs an image file. I hate having to have an image file loading from a local spinner/ssd on every restart.
  11. Bad_Machine

    Bad_Machine Guest

  12. Bad_Machine

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  13. Bad_Machine

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    Geekbench1.jpg Geekbench2.jpg Geekbench3.jpg Geekbench4.jpg
    HDBENCH1.jpg HDBENCH2.jpg

    Arauna 800x480
    Arauna 800x480.jpg

    Arauna 1920X1080
    Arauna 1920x1080.jpg [
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  14. Hameister

    Hameister Guest

    Very interesting stuff Mr. Bad. Looks like your machine is pumpin' out some awesome numbers.

    I intend to follow along with both you and Wizzer. Is RamDisk one of those things that looks awesome in benchmarks, but makes little difference in every day real world use? Or, is truly an innovative real world improvement in speed?
    I'll be interested to find out. I may do the same thing myself. I already have 16GB of memory, I could easily pick up another 8GB and max out this board at 24GB, then allocate 6 to the OS, and 18GB to RamDisk.

    I'm very much looking forward to your Heaven 2.5, 3dMark11, and 3dMark Vantage runs. I'd like to make a suggestion por favor....when you do your benchmarks, leave your CPU at 4.7GHz, and over clock your 560Ti cards either the same as Wiz, has done, or try to get close. If you look at the last 10 or 15 posts on "The Thread", you'll understand why I ask this, and you'll see his OC info.

    Thank you...again, good luck with the new machine, it looks awesome!

    P.S. Someone on "The Thread" referred to me as an "Old Goat", (in jest), so I changed my avatar to accommodate him.

    EDIT: I'd have to check back on another thread, but I remember telling Wiz that based on his Arauna score and my score, I'll bet that Bad comes in between 9,000 and 10,000, ha! I hit it right on the head!
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  15. Bad_Machine

    Bad_Machine Guest

    MaxxGC2_b5904-LOW.jpg MaxxGC2_c0104-MED.jpg MaxxGC2_c0814-HIGH.jpg MaxxMEM2_c2122-MULTITHREADED.jpg MaxxMEM2_c2222.jpg MaxxSave_c1512-X2.jpg MaxxSave_c1751-X5.jpg MaxxPi2_c2756-128K.jpg MaxxPi2_c3415-256K.jpg MaxxPi2_c34545-512K.jpg MaxxPi2_c2756-1M.jpg MaxxPi2_c3633-2M.jpg MaxxPi2_c3728-4M.jpg MaxxPi2_c3834-8M.jpg MaxxPi2_c4030-16M.jpg MaxxPi2_c4209-32M.jpg MaxxPi2_c4439-64M.jpg MaxxPi2_c4848-128M.jpg MaxxPi2_c5409-256M.jpg

    Only Heaven left to run now...
  16. Bad_Machine

    Bad_Machine Guest

    Already posted 3dmark 11 and vantage scores Hammer. Will do Heaven sometime over the weekend. My cards are already stock-OCed at 910 core, what's your and Wiz's current clocks?
  17. Hameister

    Hameister Guest

    Uh need to run the "Performance" bench in 3dMark Vantage, which will give you a "P" score where yours shows "0".

    You also need to run 3dMark11 in the Basic mode which will also give you a "P" score.

    See the posts from Wiz and I on "The Thread", you can see what they should look like.....thanks.
  18. Hameister

    Hameister Guest

    Here's Wizzer's I just lifted it off another thread...

    h25 3000 560 ti sli.jpg

    Mine doesn't really matter, because I'm running different cards, but usually overclock anywhere from 900Mhz to 930Mhz on the core, depending on the benchmark.
  19. Bad_Machine

    Bad_Machine Guest

    Thanks for the tips Hammer, will do. Regarding Heaven what settings should I use? Resolution Anisotropy, AA, etc. Sorry 4 being a pain. Like the new Avatar BTW!
  20. Hameister

    Hameister Guest

    Thanks, yours still gives me nightmares.

    I lifted this from one of Wizzer's benches as well. Just make yours identical to it, ok.

    h25 2600k 480 sli 3642.jpg

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