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    Las Vegas, NV
    Hi, my name is Scott. I'm from Las Vegas, NV, USA

    I've been a computer enthusiast for about 10 years, but have gotten away from new builds until recently.
    Planning a build right now. I'm going to re-use what I can, such as case, PSU, etc., but have purchased an Intel 6600K chip and will be getting a Z170 board and some RAM, anyday. I used to overclock quite a bit, but probably will not be doing too much of that. I just want as fast of a system, "out of the box" as I can assemble, with a mind to trying to keep costs down. To a degree...

    I'm interested in using a 256GB, M.2 2280 NVMe PCIe 3.0 x4 card as my boot drive,

    I was wondering if I can still use Windows 7 with one of these. I'm assumimg that Win 7 doesn't have the drivers. so how does one do it? I'd really rather not use Windows 10, whatsoever.
    If I can't use Windows 7, is it possible to use Linux using one of these cards as a boot drive?

    Lastly, though expensive, I'm leaning toward a Samsung 950 Pro card. Is this a wise choice for my needs? From the, somewhat, limited research into these cards, I've done, it seems to be the best of the class.

    Is there a better choice?

    Thank you, in advance.
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    The latest and greatest is Win 10 and we don't test with Win 7 but some boards have been updated to include that. The 950/960 pro is a fine choice. Glad to help!

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