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Discussion in 'SSD Benchmark Locker' started by Igor, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. Igor

    Igor Guest

    How much data AS-SSD benchmark tool writes and reads during session.
    This is Samsung 840 pro raid.Problem is while SSD Ready counts c drive,4k writes suffer,but i dont know why.They are normally in 350 range.
    Here says it writes about 2,5gb.But when i look at AIDA64,there shows that benchmark tool wrote on every SSD 2,5gb.Would not that supposed to be a 5gb totally.
    This is M4 on sata2.Here it seems 4k writes is normal.
    Here it says 3gb i think this is closer.
    O and i forget to say that every time i get different numbers for about 0.5gb.
    So if somebody knows better way to do it.
  2. Wuk

    Wuk Guest

  3. Igor

    Igor Guest

    Yes,tnx man.So it seems that it writes 3gb of data in one bench.
    O and i didn't want to compare M4 and 840 PROs.
    I just put it to compare raid and single,to see.And something is still mistery to me.If it writes 3gb of data,why after bench,every SSD have 3gb more.
    Would not it supposed to be 1,5gb each.
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  4. alan1476

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    You need to update the firmware on your M4 Igor.
  5. Igor

    Igor Guest

    No way,other then double access time i would not gain anything.
  6. alan1476

    alan1476 Guest

    Hmmmmmm, I didnt see much of a difference i grant you but it seems alittle more stable with Windows 8 64bit but that could be in my mind LOL.
  7. doorules

    doorules Guest

    I think my 3 crucials are 2-3 fw's behind now. I see no need to update either of them.
  8. alan1476

    alan1476 Guest

    I only have 1 M4 512gb that I use for a Data drive on my 3770K rig. The OS drive on that rig is a Corsair Neutron GTX 480GB.
  9. powerpack

    powerpack Guest

    I really don't understand the question. That does not mean a bad question as maybe I am lacking. Your RAID looks great vs my single drive. My single drive vs your "F" drive you do better in the small writes which matter more vs my 830. Your score might be low but interpretation of results is critical. But your overall score is crap. How that matters we need to talk.

    Post back on your concerns I would like to hear.

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