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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by FiftyOne, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. FiftyOne

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    Looking to know what you guys think.

    Pc will be for 3d work (specifically CAD, being proE) but also being generally fast
    Will be overclocked & potentially water cooled (board, CPU & gc)
    Carry overs will be the 750w psu, revox2 & any hdds
    Current specs planned - 2600k, 8ddr3 @ 2000mhz, a gtx 570 of some sort, case tba, adaption for fully internal wc sys would be good, either a highend Asus p67 or a asus maximus extreme iv

    The specific questions in have are a little complex, so here goes.
    Proe is generally a single threaded app, so a hex or or 9xx series chip is super overkill. Less cores & higher mhz's are the go. The k series for the OC from he'll it'll get & the 2600 as the extra $100 or so doesnt phase me. HOWEVER the 2500 has better intergrated graphics (I think) so another question is... The h67 chipset supports the onchip graphics so will a p67 chip make any use of them? I ask as proe is very heavy on CPU for computation as well as gc. Also, the new AVX instructions are important, but can an app use them if it has not been programed in to it?

    The gc is not really up for debate too much. 580 is too much but I cant use amd/Ati as the graphics as the drivers are not stable & the hardware has issues with proe.

    The ram (speed) is just to follow the raw throughput of the CPU.
  2. valomanden

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    Have you investigated if Creo is CUDA supported? I've been looking into a similar problem (SPICE simulations). A lot of these cad engines doesn't support multi threading, but there might be an opportunity to utilize CUDA.
  3. FiftyOne

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    Creo is more the rebadging of proe (at least for now in v5) what's your thoughts on cuda if this is/isnot the case?
  4. FiftyOne

    FiftyOne Guest

    Also interested in peoples thoughts on the z68 chipset. I'm really warming to the asus Maximus extreme board, but one concern to me are the lack of being able to use the intel graphics, which the z68 will be able to do.

    also looking for more input so keep it coming if you've got some more knowledge on the subject

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