PNY storEDGE 64GB Flash Card Review – Sits Flush in Macs with 90MB/s Speeds

Having published our report on why the 2013 MBA just may be the best ultra in the world earlier today, we couldn’t resist following up with this report on the new PNY storEDGE 64GB SD Card, a card designed to fit flush in newer model MacBooks.  The card is available in capacities of 64 and 128GB and looking at the way it sits in a MBA, we just had to wonder why this hasn’t been thought of sooner.

Overhead storEDGEOverhead SD CardSeen here beside our favorite media card, the Lexar Professional 256GB SDXC Card, one can see how the storEDGE fits almost completely flush in the MBA.  Our comparison of the two cards is intentional, as the storEDGE was not created to go into a media device, whereas the Lexar SDXC card most definitely was. Here is a comparison with a typical form factor SD card that helps demonstrate how the storEDGE has been custom formed for the Mac:

SD storEDGE Comparison

Another indication that the storEDGE was intended as a permanent fixture in your Mac, and not for use in a media device, is its lack of validation with respect to media transfer speeds and its ability to record video.  In fact, there are no performance specifications available on exterior packaging, or website,  and this did raise our curiosity just a bit so we completed a bench or two.

storEDGE QuickBench 4Transfer speeds of over 90MB/s read and 60MB/s write were a bit unexpected and we might recommend the placement of transfer speeds on the exterior packaging or, very least, on the website.

DiskSpeedTestLooking at video performance of Disk Speed Test, we can see that the storEDGE was meant as a storage medium and not for media.  Regardless, confirm,ation of such high transfer speeds is excellent.


The PNY storEDGE is available in capacities of 64 and 128GB and available at prices of about $78 and $158.  If you compared this to typical SD cards today, it might seem a bit expensive, however, PNY doesn’t even list this as an SD card; it is an expansion module.  It is meant to provide a permanent capacity increase in your MacBook and this expansion module comes with a limited lifetime warranty which is rarely ever seen.  BY this criteria, the PNY storEDGE fits the bill perfectly.

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PNY storEDGE Closer