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MyDigitalSSD BPX M.2 NVMe SSD Review (480GB) – An Unmatched Value

MyDigitalSSD isn’t one of the big-name brands you may be used to, but don’t mistake a lack of brand awareness with their quality. MyDigitalSSD has been selling quality products for a while now and we have reviewed quite a few of them over the years. Many of which, have earned our Gold Seal, Editor’s Choice, and Top Value awards. They seem to know exactly what it takes to make a good SSD and aren’t letting up anytime soon, which, brings us to the topic of today’s review.

MyDigitalSSD BPX

Today, we are going to be analyzing is the company’s first NVMe SSD and it doesn’t look like our review will stray from this on-going trend. The MyDigitalSSD Bullet Proof eXpress (BPX) offers speeds of up to 2.6GB/s read and 1.3GB/s write and has higher endurance than any of its competitors. Not only that, it has some of the cheapest prices per capacity in its performance category that we have seen yet! It looks to be one of the best values in the PCIe NVMe segment on paper and is poised to take the market by storm, but is it truly? Let’s get on with the review and find out.


The MyDigitalSSD BPX is a PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe SSD that comes in an M.2 2280 form factor. It is available in capacities of 120GB ($77.43), 240GB ($114.99) and 480GB ($199.99). Additionally, there should be a 960GB version out soon. Sequential speeds are rated for up to 2.6GB/s for reads and 1.6GB/s for writes. The BPX is also rated for up to 250K IOPS read and 210K IOPS write. It has an endurance rating of 350TBW, 700TBW, and up to 1,400TBW per respective capacity and it is covered by a 5-year warranty.

This SSD features End-to-end Data Path Protection which is an enterprise level CRC/ECC that corrects soft errors and detects and corrects any errors between the DRAM, controller, and the flash. SmartECC reconstructs faulty pages when regular ECC fails. SmartRefresh monitors block ECC health status and refreshes NAND blocks periodically to improve data retention. SmartFlush minimizes time data spends in the cache to ensure data retention in the event of power loss. Additionally, it features garbage collection, TRIM support, DevSleep support, as well as SMART support and static and dynamic wear leveling. Finally, unlike many other M.2 NVMe SSDs, the BPX supports AES 256-bit encryption.


MyDigitalSSD BPX Package

The MyDigitalSSD BPX comes in blister packaging that pops out at you with its bright yellow and black product spec card. All the main features and specs are listed on the front and back.  Inside is the SSD, which is visible on both the front and back sides, and unlike all other M.2 SSDs, there is a small screwdriver and M.2 socket screw.

MyDigitalSSD BPX Exterior

This SSD is double sided, meaning there are components on both sides of the PCB. There are four NAND packages, a single DRAM package, and single Phison E7 controller. The design is the same as the other E7 powered M.2 SSDs we have been reviewing as of late.

MyDigitalSSD BPX Components

The NAND is 15nm Toshiba toggle MLC NAND with two packages on each side of the PCB, each is 128GiB in capacity. Once formatted you will have 447GB to utilize. Finally, the DDR3L DRAM package is from NANYA and is 512MB in capacity for the 480GB model we are testing today.

  • Jim Vogts

    Great to see a review of this by you.
    Did you conduct any tests for throttling?
    My main beef with M.2s in general is how they heat up and drop down to 2x speeds.
    I’ve only used Samsung XP / 950Pro and Plextor.
    Have seen this in Towers and 1U/4U chassis.
    I buy them for smaller footprint builds, but even 2x speeds allow the higher random iops.
    Hoping somebody makes one that doesn’t slow down from streaming.

    • renosablast

      Team Group is announcing a gaming M.2 SSD called the T-FORCE CARDEA. It has a cooling module atop the drive that they claim reduces temps by at least 15% and mitigates throttling. TSSDR should be posting press release coverage of this in the next day or so.

      • Jim Vogts

        Excellent to hear. The MSI X270s address this but that Dog won’t hunt…


    Your 30 GB transfer test is a bit of a giveaway-looks like a Toshiba built-possibly
    My Digital firmware.
    If they’re willing to sell at lower margins than the other clones-They’re the one
    to buy…………………………………….

  • x8009

    So is it good compare to other ssds ? I like the sound of the enterprise support modules

    • Please read the report as many of the tests are direct comparison with other SSDs.