Mushkin Atlas 240GB mSATA SSD Review – Top Performance at an Unbeatable Price


On considering the branding of  the Mushkin Atlas, Mushkin could not have picked a more fitting representation of this SSD if they tried.  Charles Atlas started promoting fitness and body building in 1929 and his advertising was most famous for the scrawny kid on the beach getting sand kicked in his face by the big guy.  He has been the embodiment of fitness and strength for over 80 years and is no less than a legend in the world of fitness.

The Mushkin Atlas is certainly representative of that scrawny kid as it is the smallest consumer storage medium available, yet it has just pulled off performance results in PCMark Vantage, Crystal DiskMark 4k random write results and Anvil write IOPS that are of the best we have ever seen.  Proving your the best of the best in PCMark Vantage is no easy task but the Mushkin Atlas pulled that off.


Availability for mSATA SSDs is still ‘get what you can get when you can get it’, however, everything is not all candy and roses for the Mushkin Atlas. When we look at the top four available mSATA drives on the market right now, the lowest priced drives of similar capacity go to the Crucial M4 and AData SX300 with prices in and around $117.99 (128GB) and $249.99 (256GB) compared to Mushkin prices of $172.99 and $349.99. One can click on any of the three links to check for any price reduction.


Shortly after our report was published, Mushkin contacted us and stated that they valued our opinion and had adjusted the price of the Mushkin Atlas accordingly and included a link to Newegg that showed the new Atlas pricing to be $84.99, $129.99 and $239.99, the latter being $10 cheaper than competitors pricing.

The Mushkin Atlas is the top mSATA SSD that we have tested to date and it’s consistent performance throughout our testing was great to see.  Looking at the PCMark Vantage Total Point Score’ which is the result of eight tests based on simulated typical user activities, the Atlas was the fourth highest SSD we have ever tested short of PCIe and RAID testing.  You simply couldn’t ask for better performance from the worlds smallest consumer storage device.

Initially, we expressed our concerns with respect to pricing and earlier today we received an e-mail from Brian Flood, Mushkin’s Director of Product Development.  Brian thanked us for our candid opinion with respect to pricing, let us know that Mushkin valued our opinion and a subsequent price reduction of the Atlas line was  put in place.  A quick check of Newegg.Com showed Atlas pricing to be $84.99 (60GB), $129.99 (120GB) and $239.99 (240GB) which officially makes the Atlas the highest performing and lowest priced mSATA SSD available to date!  Editors Choice!!!

Watch for the Mushkin Atlas mSATA SSD at Amazon.


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